[Labyrinth Lord] New Spell: Zilliff’s Scrutinous Eye

    A bonus spell for this Wednesday.


  Desantil the Astrologer knew that the constables were after him, he had, of course, paid for the information, and was scrambling to pack his belongings and look for a bolthole to lay low in until tempers subsided. How was he to know that the well dressed customer last week was a nephew of the prince? He just knew that the court wizard had lain a particularly nasty curse on the young man and, for the proper amount of coin, named the source of the curse.

    “I should have pinned this on that hedgewizard Sokulas,”  Desantil muttered under his breath, “he was never very popular around court anyway.”




Zilliff’s Scrutinous Eye (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Immediate

The target of this spell (any living creature, this does not work on the non-living, items, etc) reveals any curses, geases or other portents, such as a potential doom, that this person has upon them to the caster and the source of the magical malady. While the caster cannot remove the condition with this spell, it does grant essential information, which many unscrupulous spellcasters have used to their advantage.


Note: The knowledge that this spell reveals can be very dangerous to have. Just because a low level mage can get this information doesn’t mean that they need to for sometimes the gods set their plans into motion for reasons of their own and it is best not to speak too freely of what one knows.



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