[Labyrinth Lord] New Spell: Fey Coins

   Haxtar the Dreaded was hurriedly throwing the party’s possessions into the back of their new cart and stopped a moment to think out the events of the last few minutes.

    “How did we afford this cart and mule?” the fighter asked, “I thought we were completely out of coin.”

     “Shut up, you fool, and keep packing our belongings and get the rest of the pack out of the inn, we need to get out of this town before the hour is up”, hissed the mage, Klosk, “otherwise we will all probably be hanging from a tree by sundown!”

     “Oh, that again”, was the reply. Haxtar then shuffled off to get the others from the Laughing Dragon Inn before the jig was up, he remembered what happened the last time they lost track of time.





Fey Coins (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: 1 hour per level , 1d8 of either silver or gold per level

     This minor spell turns a handful of small things like pine cones or pebbles into gold or silver pieces (roll 1d6, the result of 1-3 being 1d8 silver pieces, 4-6 being 1d8 gold pieces per level; e.g. a 6th level wizard casting Fey Coins would roll 6d8 for either silver or gold coins) for the duration of the spell, after which these items revert back to their original form. This spell is handy for quick cash, but the caster must be aware of the time constraints involved or be ready to answer some tough questions, sometimes from the pointy end of a sharp weapon. The magical coins will appear to be quite real and perhaps from some strange land far away. Detect Magic and similar spells will easily root these imposters out.

  Optional: As this spell has its origins in folklore and fairy tales it would be fair to extend the duration of the spell if cast by a creature of fey nature (including elves and maybe even dwarfs (or other races) if these are considered to have fairy blood by the GM’s rule). 

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