[New Spell] The Wall of Silence

The quartet of magi saw a shifting, shimmering barrier approaching them slowly, and started to panic. Could it be true? Was this the dreaded Wall of Silence? It was always best not to take unnecessary risks in the wilder lands beyond the comforts of civilization. Then they began to argue, to try to pass to the north, or to the south? Or maybe to try to outrun the spell, or maybe to dispel it?

Gedser the Quirky tired of this squabbling and moved his hands to cast a Sleep spell on the feisty Surreza and leave her here to deal with the effects of the encroaching wall. He didn’t notice the haze that had engulfed them all and his spell fizzled. The first crossbow bolt from the band of scavenging gnolls trailing the spell struck him in the arm and he realized that they never should have gone out into the Wild.

The Wall of Silence
Level 9
Range: Unlimited
Duration: Permanent until dispelled

One of the most devasting spells from the Elder Days, the Wall of Silence is a creeping wall five miles wide and one mile thick barrier that moves forward, away from the wizard at a rate of three yards per turn and is nearly invisible, with only a slight shimmering (like a mirage) visible, those within the Wall itself have a -2 on perception based rolls until the Wall of Silence moves past them. Any spellcaster caught within the wall (except the wizard who cast the spell, who is immune to his own Wall of Silence for 48 hours, then they too suffer the same penalties) can only cast spells at a penalty of -5 on their Saving Throw, but can attempt to dispel the Wall of Silence in a special way: they must have the spell Dispel Magic, be above the 3rd level of power, and roll a natural 20 on a d20. Most wizards will never find this spell to add to their repertoire, but many magic-users will face this spell as an obstacle. Whenever this spell is detected there is often general panic among wizards who scramble to cast whatever spells they need to before the Wall of Silence washes over them.

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