[S&W/LL] New Monster: Aegir



The Aegir, or River Giant


Thestilus Rekinaflay watched from the safety of a tall tree as the monster crawled up onto land, dripping water and muck on the shore. The giant’s massive head looked from side to side as it was obviously looking for something.

You told them that we could save them from that?”,  Crellvius the rogue asked from a couple of limbs up.

I don’t see that happening”, commented Geffis Bluetoe, the halfling rascal, from a limb below Thestilus.

The magic-user had quite enough of this. There was a lot of gold at stake.

Would you two calm down! We can figure out a way to kill that oaf!”, the wizard retorted so that both of the adventurers could hear him.

Suddenly the giant’s attention was focused on them. It had heard the wizard’s comment and it rushed to the tree and began clawing at the bark, the halfling skittered up the tree past Crellvius. With a mighty effort the tree cracked and fell.

The River God of the Rushy River pounced on the three hapless heroes and sank down into the depths of the river, a smile on its cruel face.


Standing at somewhere between 8-10 feet tall, the Aegir are the smallest of the Giants, yet these cruel monsters have the temperament and the habits of most of their larger cousins: not being all that bright and having a fondness for the taste of human flesh. And yet, the Aegir aren’t the dumbest of giants either. Being semi-aquatic (thanks in large part to an expanded lung capacity allowing these creatures to remain underwater for up to one hour at a time) the Aegir commonly set up a lair in the depths of a river near a small village and establish themselves as “river gods”, demanding sacrifices of gold and food to appease them lest the villagers suffer the wrath of the “river god”. The Aegir are excellent swimmers, having wide and webbed hands and feet. They delight in overturning boats and dragging swimmers and fishermen down into the watery deep to devour. Covered in long shaggy hair that is matted with mud and tangled with sticks and other river debris, the Aegir are a horrifying sight to behold. Cruel eyes glare from under their beetling brows and they often carry thick clubs to get their points across.
Aegir: HD 7+5; AC 3[16]; Atk 1 weapon (1d8+3), Bite (1d8) or 2 claws/pummel (2d8); Move 12 (20 swim); Save 7; CL/XP 8/800; Special: Fast swimmer, hold breathe underwater, keen senses.

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