[S&W/LL] New Monster: The Damned Dwarves of Mount Deskellos



The Damned Dwarves of Mount Deskellos


The party marveled at the beautiful tranquility of the mountain valley and decided to set up camp near the clear water of a babbling brook. As dusk neared one of the explorers spied a heavily robed dwarf in the distance, quietly regarding the camp. The party’s elf eyed the stranger uneasily, trying to remember what he had heard of this region. As darkness came along the dwarf slowly shuffled off.

Some time later the elf, who volunteered to take the first watched hurriedly awoke the others, but they only laughed at him as they couldn’t see in the dark as he had.

Flying dwarves?”, remarked the human fighter Walfry,”certainly you have been at the wine!”

Moments later the darkness smothered the light of the campfire and wicked dwarf faces leered at them, laughing cruelly and grabbing the adventurers, to take them off to their vile domicile.




The Damned Dwarves
Centuries ago something went wrong near Mount Deskellos. Some sages say that a great curse fell from the sky, some tell of wicked deeds done by the inhabitants of the area, resulting in retribution by the gods. Some whisper in quiet places of a desperate dwarven general urging his wizards to summon anything they could to fend off the rampaging goblin hordes, and that thing was conjured up from unknown depths and could not be controlled by the summoners. Whatever it was that happened, the dwarves changed. Growing bat-like wings to carry them aloft, wicked fangs and a nasty demeanor, the dwarves of Mount Deskellos were altered almost overnight. They fell into the worship of dark gods and now will lure adventurers into their beautiful mountain home and sacrifice them to these horrible deities. Unable to change their shape these dwarves often appear heavily hooded and robed to mask their true natures. Seeing well in the dark themselves, these evil dwarves can us Darkness 15′ radius as a natural ability twice per day. On moonless nights these horrible monsters fly from their lairs in small packs and swoop down upon unsuspecting travelers, using their ability to cast supernatural darkness to confuse and frighten their prey.
Damned Dwarves of Deskellos: HD 1; AC 6[13]; Atk:  By weapon or bite (1d3); Move 6 (18 fly); Save 16; CL/XP 2/30; Special: Flyers, cast darkness 15′ radius twice per day, darkvision.

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