[Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Winged Flight


Winged Flight


The explorers halted at the edge of a deep chasm, a horde of monsters on their heels.

The lever to control the bridge is on the other side of the void!”, shrieked the halfling, Fumblestout, “the minions of Delidastor will be upon us!”

Course, feral threats could be clearly heard, the situation looked dire. Brellax the fighter readied his sword for a valiant last stand, Verella the elf notched a magic arrow in her bow, silently vowing to take down as many fiends as she could. Teristo the cleric fidgeted, looking troubled, his eyebrows knitted together. Finally he broke the tension.

Oh, very well,” the priest snorted, “I will get over there and pull the lever to lower the bridge.”

The three other adventurers looked at each other, a little bewildered.

Fumblestout looked down the path that the adventurers had taken, eyes glared menacingly from the dark.

Now would be a really great time,” urged the halfling.

Teristo closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment. Suddenly shadowy wings seemed to slowly erupt from his back. With a small leap the cleric took to the air, flapping dark bat wings, easily crossing the void and releasing the drawbridge.

We never saw that coming,” commented one of the orcs from the darkness.

Fumblestout, Verella and Brellax admitted that they had to agree with the pig-faced brute.




Winged Flight (Clerical)

Level 2

Range: Self

Duration: 10 minutes per level

Clerics may use this incantation to create a set of spiritual wings to appear magically attached to their backs that allow flight. One aspect of this spell to keep in mind: the wings always assume a shape that reflects the basic tendencies of the cleric. Therefore a basically good priest will have angelic, feathered wings, a neutrally aligned cleric will have transparent, dragonfly-like wings and a malignant priest will have shadowy, bat-like wings. Flight is 100 feet per round and the character can carry their normal encumbrance.

Magic-User variant: This spell can also be used to replace the 3rd level magic-user spell Fly, or it can be tailored to be a 4th level magic-user spell (considering the static time for duration), with the same visual effect as the cleric spell.

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9 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Winged Flight

  1. Timeshadows says:


    I assume the wings cannot be harmed, only dispelled. Am I correct?

  2. bat says:

    Wouldn’t that be bad enough?
    I suppose that one could give the wings a d4 worth of hit points. Some clerics can use them to inspire awe as well, I would think as well as using them for more mundane reasons, like beating a hasty retreat.

  3. Kilgore says:

    I like it, though I wonder if this might not be a bit high-powered for a 2nd-level spell. The shorter duration relative to a normal Fly spell helps tone it down, but the concept of gaining full flight ability at third level seems a bit much.

    True, M-Us get Levitate as a 2nd-lvl spell, but that is far less useful than this.

    Major plus on the wings’ physical appearance!

    • bat says:

      Kilgore: Thank you for the comments and the input. I see it this way: A flying cleric is also a flying target for arrows and other missile weapons and becomes more of a focus for enemy fire in the air than on the ground with their companions, which I see as another way of toning down the spell. Do you really want to fly in the air and make yourself more of a target? The spell can be adjusted to suit as well, you can make it a 4th level spell if it suits your campaign, I just throw out suggestions and game add-ons that I use.

      • Kilgore says:

        Use in combat is a good point that I hadn’t considered. I know that *I* basically shoot at any enemies who show a tendency to fly!

        I was thinking more along the lines of certain places being inaccessible to lower-level adventurers suddenly being available to characters who can cast 2nd-level spells, particularly clerics who wouldn’t need to find the spell somewhere first.

        I often struggle with deciding what level spells should be and usually try to err on the side of making it higher level. This spell could open up options to PCs that I mean to not exist at lower level so I’d likely make it 3rd level. At least for clerics. M-Us, who would have to find the spell somewhere first, maybe could have it at 2nd.

        I certainly meant no harm, just offering a bit of feedback.

  4. Lizardfolk says:

    I like the idea of the spell a lot. I do agree with Kilgore, personally it’d have to be a slightly later level spell, since once a PC can fly even short distances there is a dramatic change in the way the game is played. Nonetheless it’s a cool spell, and I see it having a lot of use.

    Once I start picking and choosing extra spells for play, it’ll likely get used, perhaps a level higher mind. My preference there, flight is a liberating but truly potent ability, especially in open wilderness games like I tend to run.

  5. bat says:

    Kilgore: You make perfect sense and I certainly wasn’t offended, nor did I think you meant any harm, I enjoy all constructive feedback and opinions.

    Lizardfolk: As with Lord Kilgore, your point with the power of the spell is very valid and while you may make this a higher level spell, you could also choose the magic-user variant or configure some clerical spells to be harder to achieve than others or, the players might run into an NPC that has this spell running and it might freak them out. If someone suddenly sprouts wings in front of you and flies you are going to think that they are more than a normal person.

    • Lizardfolk says:

      Very true, I think the in-game effects and uses extend beyond just allowing flight. It is an impressive spell visually, one that could be used to bluff or intimidate, and more besides.

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