[Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Sky Castle

Sky Castle

 (as seen on the back of the 1E MM)

The two wizards waited on a ledge high up on Fang Mountain for days. The wind and rain had almost swept them to their deaths several times. A fire was a pointless endeavor, so they ate their meals cold.

Where in the eleven Hells is your brother?,” one mage asked the other cheerlessly.

He will be here,” answered the other hopefully.

Another day passed by. Madness was about to set in. Then a high-pitched whistling could be heard and a ladder descended from a passing cloud.

You see?,” replied one wizard to the other, “my brother has arrived to take us from here to safety and back to our homeland.”

None too soon,” replied the other mage, “we will give him some of the wine we found in that stash in the bandits’ cave. It looked good still.”

Later that night the wizard of the sky castle popped the cork on a bottle of the gift wine and drank deeply. The castle suddenly slowed to a halt and the stones and mortar separated. As the wizards plunged to earth they all came to a terrible conclusion: the wine was poisoned.

Sky Castle (Arcane)

Level 9

Range: Close

Duration: Permanent until destroyed or at the death of the spellcaster

When cast, Sky Castle creates a huge airborne castle to come into existence on a cloud. This ancient spell is best conjured on a mountaintop as the cloud becomes as permanent as the stone and mortar of the castle, which can take up to 400 hit points worth of damage, at which time the airborne castle will fall earthward as its supporting cloud dissipates. The same happens when the owner of the cloud castle dies; the stones and all of the contents of the castle come crashing to the ground. The mage casting Sky Castle may transfer ownership of his or her creation to another intelligent being and the castle will change its configuration to suit the new owner’s size and taste (i.e. a human wizard could give a Sky Castle to a Cloud Giant and the castle would alter itself to accommodate the larger sized creature or vice versa), but a wizard may only create one Sky Castle at a time, even if one is given to another person/monster/etc it counts as being created by the mage who cast the spell. The owner of the castle can cause the airborne mansion to hover motionlessly or to travel up to a speed of 40′ per round. The Sky Castle can descend to the ground (ladders/rope would be needed to touch the earth due to the thickness of the cloud) or raise as high as one mile into the sky. The cloud can also be piloted to other planes of existence or can be set upon water to float aimlessly upon the seas and oceans of the world. Lightning and severe storms pose a real danger to the Sky Castle’s inhabitants, as does a fall from the cloud that this magical building rests upon.  There is no natural protection to keep winged creatures, air elementals or troublesome deities from landing on the cloud that supports the Sky Castle, but weapons that protect normal castles, such as catapults and stone throwers, can be kept handy to deter invasion.



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9 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Sky Castle

  1. Lizardfolk says:

    Very nice, that’s the kinda spell that allows for a lot of adventure in many ways hey, what else are high level spells for? Looks like you’ve got all the bases covered in the strengths and weaknesses of this, with only one question… Does the M-U need to make any long-term investment into this spell? Or can he keep casting this spell to the limits of his magical capacity?

  2. bat says:

    Thank you and excellent point, Lizardfolk. I have adjusted the spell a tad.

  3. Lizardfolk says:

    That looks to cover it just fine bat. I figure one cloud castle per wizard is reasonable, hehe. But hey, I’m sure most Referees would simply rule it that way without the specific write-up. Nonetheless, clarification is good. Imagine what a bored wizard with a few weeks on his hands could do if not reigned in otherwise! Heh.

  4. bat says:

    In this case I agree that clarification is good. A wizard commanding a fleet of these would be a referee’s nightmare. Normally I like open-ended spells to bring about a certain amount of chaos and complication if misused, but I can only see major devastation caused to everyone else if spell were used other than for its intended purpose: to grant a sky castle to a wizard.

  5. Mythmere says:

    Which leads to the question – what sort of fleet COULD you summon up with a 9th level spell?? Hmm?? Now there’s a question worthy of contemplation.

  6. bat says:

    Gads, I wouldn’t want to contemplate the mess that such a fleet would leave behind. The old running joke about airborne dragons leaving a mess for those below is pretty mellow compared to what a floating city of castles would heave over the side of the cloud.

  7. Timeshadows says:

    Ooh, I want one! 😀

  8. Restless says:

    I know I’m at the party a little late, but a variation on this to make a structure on land would be awesome. How many stories and movies have the wizard’s tower or the dark god-king’s temple begin to collapse upon his death?

  9. bat says:

    Restless, you are never too late for this party.
    That is a great idea for a variation. It could even be mobile, crawling about slowly and then crumbling dramatically at the demise of the owner. Thank you for the comment!

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