[Swords & Wizardry] New Monster: Wisp




Small motes of ice in the summer on my dagger? Burrs in my spell component bag? A small hole in my wineskin? Something is amiss, surely some small curse by that kobold wizard that got away from me. I won’t admit that it is working, but it does make my skin crawl wondering what exactly is going on.


Thought by sages and alchemists to be the smallest of intelligent creatures, the Wisp is a one inch tall fey creature that has the ability to create matter from the ether. These diminutive creatures most often use this ability to create small annoyances like cobwebs and burrs while others make small precious stones or other tiny wonders. Often annoyed by humans who they play pranks on (like cutting bowstrings, cutting holes in water bags, putting tacks under the soles of shoes, etc), most large creatures don’t even notice their existence. There are rumors that evil minded creatures have captured and forced a Wisp to create diamonds or gold, yet Wisps are not really capable of creating more than a gold piece worth of treasure in a day. When they attack in groups Wisps can cause more damage than when they are alone, but usually they keep to themselves and don’t try to attack larger creatures.

Wisp: HD 1 HP; AC 9[10]; Atk Each Wisps cannot cause more than 1HP damage from a created item like a pin-sized sword, a tack, or similar item, see below for Concerted Attack ; Move 4 (Fly 22); Save 9; CL/XP 1/10; Special: Fly, Elusive (due to size and being adept flyers): -3 to hit in combat or during attempts to cage or jar a Wisp, Concerted attack: A group of ten to twenty Wisps can create an item that can be dropped onto an opponent for 1d4 damage, a group of twenty or more Wisps can create a rock or similar item to drop onto an opponent for 1d6 damage,  Etheric creation: Wisps can cause small items (worth one gold piece in value or less) to materialize per day. Most often this is used to create small things like burrs and cobwebs to be.


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2 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry] New Monster: Wisp

  1. Little creatures that are individually a nuisance but deadly if working together – sound, good writeup.

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