[Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Shimmering Dome

Shimmering Dome

The orcs were winding their way through the thicket, right behind the adventuring party. A few poorly launched arrows pointed out the fact that they were closing in.

We need to do something quick,” remarked the fighter, Koram.

The wizard, Chalk, looked back over his shoulder. He could see the beady red eyes in the darkness.

I have two spells that might help,” the magic-user said, “ I will hold them off, you guys run for it, I will meet you back at camp.”

The thin wizard stopped and turned towards the orcs as his companions ran for it. Chalk raised an eyebrow and smiled as the orcs closed in, slowing a bit as orcs never fully trust wizards. Suddenly a glittering dome covered the wizard and illuminated the small glade. A couple of orcs raised their arms to shield their faces from the glare. Arrows shot at the dome seemed to have no effect. Panic began to break out as some of the orcs felt as though they were caught in a trap against superior foes.

With a smile and a wave the wizard began to slowly sink into the ground. Fearing the the worst, many of the orcs bolted in terror.

Shimmering Dome (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Self

Duration: Five minutes per level of ability, absorbs three points of damage per level of ability.

The Shimmering Dome spell creates a dome of crackling energy over the caster that covers a six foot radius on the ground, effectively protecting the magic-user from 3 points of damage per level of ability from any approach except from below. This dome moves with the spellcaster and does not restrict their movements or ability to cast other spells. During the duration of the spell the dome will absorb as much damage as allowed by the level of the caster (i.e. a fourth level mage’s dome will absorb 12 points of damage before breaking).

A side benefit is that the shimmering dome will protect the caster from rain and snow and even insects from the 1st level. The major downside is that the wizard is walking about with a shimmering dome crackling with energy that could be construed as a target. Children, halflings, gnomes and the like can fit inside the dome with the caster if they are within the six foot radius at the time of casting and under 4 feet in height. The Shimmering Dome will grow in size to accomodate a large caster (such as a giant, or an enlarged magic-user for example), but will always have an exposed radius as this is a dome and not a sphere.

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14 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Shimmering Dome

  1. Lizardfolk says:

    Sounds good to me. A somewhat nit-picky question though… What if he jumps/climbs/featherfalls/enlarges himself with a spell? Is it just a dome that ends at 6′ or does it continue to expand/rotate and so on? nitpicky I know, for which I do apologise, but I’m interested in your intent as the designer before I get my grubby house-rulin’ Referee mits on it.

  2. bat says:

    No question is too nit-picky! I would rule that the spell would enlarge to accomodate the spellcaster if the person enlarges themself or, for example, I giant casts the spell (or a crafty wizard enlarges themselves then casts this spell). If the magic-user jumps, climbs or featherfalls there will be an exposed area as it is not a globe, but a dome. This spell is meant to be a spell that grows with the spellcaster, but still retains a weakness.

  3. Lizardfolk says:

    All good and clear now, cheers.

  4. bat says:

    Thanks entirely to you, thank you for pointing out the vagueness.

  5. Lizardfolk says:

    Now honestly sometimes I think that vagueness is good. it gives the Ref’ something to rule himself, but in some cases I do prefer to at least know the creator’s intent before I go and break a new spell or power, hehe.

  6. Timeshadows says:

    I will almost certainly use this one exactly as written…given the slight differences in system. 😀

  7. bat says:

    Please let me know how this spell works out for you. From this spell, as in the song by The Fixx: “One thing leads to another…” with today’s spell.

  8. Dan says:

    Can others step through the barrier? What effect does it have on Non-damaging attacks? ie Grapples, touch attacks.
    What can pass through? if a 15pt rockslide lands on a mage with an 18pt barrier are the rocks held in place?
    3pts/level makes it superior to Magic missile on a damage basis, and only slightly behind fireball/lightning bolt etc.
    A 5th lvl Mag Miss does 10.5pts avg and a 5hd fireball 17.5 with the sphere stopping 15pts. At 1st level, when the mage needs it most, the sphere is minimally effective, and will probably only slow down one blow.

    How about 4pts+2pts/level? ie 6pts at lvl 1, 8@lvl2 10@lvl3, 24pts@Lvl10..

    Nice spell though.

  9. bat says:

    Dan, thank you for the comment. The beauty with Swords & Wizardry is that YOU can answer these questions yourself as the referee, I just throw ideas out there. Run with them.

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  11. John says:

    a globe is a sphere

    • bat says:

      Thanks for the catch! I have to admit, I made errors on purpose in many posts in case someone else copied them and tried selling them, but not this one, you caught me. How did you like the spell otherwise?

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