[Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Vexation of food and drink

Vexation of food and drink

Hey!” shouted the wily Frezilos, “I think I saw the wall breathing over there! What sort of monster is that?”

I am not sure, Frez,” answered the wizard, Chalk, dazedly, “ but I think I saw that chandelier wink at us. Maybe that cheese was a bit off that we had back at the inn.”

Chalk! Look out! The floor is rippling!” exclaimed Frezilos.

But I didn’t eat the cheese, Chalk,” he added, after a moment’s thought..

The wine the druid gave us!” they both shouted in unison.

But it would be many strange hours before they could get their heads together to plot revenge.


Vexation of food and drink (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Close

Duration: Immediate.

Unscrupulous or vengeful or just plain mean druids sometimes employ this spell to taint the food and drink of their enemies. When cast this spell infuses small amounts of toxins (usually hallucinogens) into edibles and drinkables of their foes. These amounts are flavorless and odorless, but pack a punch nonetheless. All eating or drinking the affected material do get a Saving Throw at -2, if that is failed, the referee should roll a d6 and consult the table below (all effects last 1d10 hours):

1 Victim(s) hear phantom voices or other sounds, coming from every direction.

2 Vision becomes slightly blurred, making perception or attack rolls at -1.

3 The floor, walls and ceiling are “breathing”. Victims are constantly distracted by this and -1 on rolls.

4 Easily influenced: those who have eaten or drank from the tainted edibles/beverage are -1 to resist believing outlandish stories or being talked into doing something stupid/dangerous.

5 Victim sees things that are not there, monsters, people, inanimate objects that move. This causes the target of the spell to be -2 on perception and attack rolls and somewhat incoherent. Or, the victim doesn’t see things that are there (like monsters).

6 Overload. Too many of the above sensations at once, causing the victim to panic, losing all sense of direction, time and possibly identity. This leaves one at -3 to make just about any roll that deals with movement, perception, attacks, etc as the affected are trapped in their own nightmare world.

Referees should feel free to change the affects around of 1-5 at will or as the game changes. Multiple people trying the tainted fare should have separate rolls unless some outside stimulus causes them to share an effect.

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6 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry] New Spell: Vexation of food and drink

  1. Timeshadows says:

    > wolfish grin <

    The Hatter and Hare will be stopping by for a spot of tea in two hours yesterday. Anyone for hedgehog croquette?

  2. sean wills says:


    nice one bat, well-thought out.

  3. bat says:

    Thank you, both of you. Sometimes I see that some of the established spells could use a bit more use or validation. Some wily druid working overtime to spike the punch seems to make sense: they know all about nightshade and moldy rye and odd mushrooms and other such things.

    I, of course, disavow all knowledge of these. 🙂

  4. Timeshadows says:

    New Cursed Magic Item-

    Pipe of Vexations: No matter the quality or nature of the pipe’s content, it produces the results of the spell Vexation of Food and Drink, however, this occurs randomly as determined by the Referee, and should not occur the first 1d4 times.

  5. bat says:

    “occurs randomly” that is awesome. Excellent magic item, Timeshadows.

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