[Swords & Wizardry] New Monster: Celestial Lion

Celestial Lion


As the adventurers neared the ancient temple they gasped at the amazing architecture, for graceful pillars and spires and flourishes of all kinds adorned this marvelous building. Coming ever closer the keen-eyed fighter spotted movement on the roof and pointed in wonder as a great winged lion leaped gracefully from the pinnacle of the temple only to circle about them in the sky, the afternoon sun shining brightly on the creature’s silver colored fur.

“How amazing!” exclaimed the high priest of Vilikikor, the god of Justice, “a great Celestial Lion has taken flight and is coming towards us.” The old priest eyed their roguish companion, Garl the Shiftless with not a little amusement and a twinkle of mirth in his eye.

“Yeah,” commented Garl, wiping a little sweat off his brow and eyeballing the sky nervously. “I’ll just be down here, scouting around for any hidden dangers that the winged cat cannot detect.”

“Very good!” the priest retorted, “Hopefully we will have some leftovers from the grand banquet in the temple. I will be sure to bring you some rolls or perhaps an odd potato.”

“Splendid!” returned Garl as he ducked down among the rocks and tried to shrink from sight as the great flying lion landed before them.

“You are all welcome at the temple above. Even you, shrinking mouse! As you accompany a high priest of Vilikikor I can only assume that you are of some use in the grand scheme,” boomed a hearty voice from the Celestial Lion.

Nervously Garl scurried up to join the others, looking as shifty as ever, like a rat about to bolt.

The ten days of terror that followed for Garl, high up in that ancient temple, almost had done the poor rogue in.


Summoned by powerful priests and clerics, the Celestial Lion is a huge golden or silver furred lion with graceful feathered wings raising from its back, which enable this creature to fly, and quite gracefully at that. Whether guarding a temple or sacred grove, the Celestial Lion is never surprised or duped by illusions. Highly intelligent and able to communicate, sometimes these heavenly creatures serve as sages or steeds for those who serve the powers of Law. No mercy or quarter is given to the followers of Chaos by the Celestial Lion.

Celestial Lion: HD 6+3 AC 3[16]; Atk Bite (2d6) or Claw (1d12) ; Move 12 (Fly 24); Save 13; CL/XP 9/1100; Special: Flight: Celestial Lions are adept at flying, Immune to Fear: Fear and Terror abilities and spells do not affect Celestial Lions, Cannot be Surprised: these creatures are never ambushed or surprised prior to combat, See through Illusions: these wondrous monsters can see through enchantments and illusions.

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2 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry] New Monster: Celestial Lion

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Ooh, nice!
    I guess them to register in the Lawful/Good pentant.

    How would you write-up a Celestial Tiger?
    Definitely in the Chaotic/Neural pentant.


  2. bat says:

    I am plotting a tiger/panther and a bull, all with wings. I just wanted to do a good monster since I see how many I offer that are detrimental to most adventuring parties. Not that this is a bad thing.:)

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