[Labyrinth Lord] New Spell: Speaking with Nature Spirits

Speaking with nature spirits

How are we going to get through these brambles?” asked Chalk, apprising the layout of the land before the party of adventurers.

Fear not, let me see what the creatures of the spirit world have to say,” answered Marvelon, the druid.

Koram the fighter raised an eyebrow but kept quiet, he had learned, the hard way, not to argue with or irritate magic-users.

Closing his eyes, Marvelon began a little chant and sat on the ground. The others watched as he seemed to speak with something that the others couldn’t see. He laughed and rattled on for a few minutes and then got up, dusted himself off, and joined the others.

About a quarter of a mile to the east, by that little draw, there is a secret path that will get us through these thorny bushes and we will find a brook to refresh ourselves and make a camp, we have the blessing of the nearby spirits.”

It took you all that time to find that out?” asked Koram.

The druid looked a little irritated, “I was having a conversation, it is polite to not rush these things, besides, she was beautiful.”

I didn’t see anyone or anything that you were talking to,” the fighter said.

Chalk snickered a little.

Of course not, she chose not to reveal herself to you, since you always come across as a blundering oaf,” Marvelon replied.

Ok,” Koram said, “that does make sense. I guess.”



Speaking with nature spirits (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 200 feet

Duration: Five minutes per level of caster

This druid spell allows the caster to summon and speak with a nearby nature spirit, having a conversation and learning about the vicinity in which the spirit dwells. The nature spirit may be of fey or elemental origin, or might be the spirit of an ascended or elder animal. The summoned spirit is not bound or controlled by the druid and may leave after the duration of the spell or may elect to remain under its own volition. Most spirit creatures summoned to the druid will be benign, but sometimes, in the heart of dark or blighted woods or on the fringes of civilization a malevolent or mischievous entity will hear the call and lie to the druid or try to trick him or her in some way. The referee may choose the personality encountered and is encouraged to play out the conversation with the druid.

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3 Responses to [Labyrinth Lord] New Spell: Speaking with Nature Spirits

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Hi, bat. 🙂

    Another good one, although, if it is capable of being incorrect (or worse) information, I think it ought to be a 1st-Level spell.

    Clearly, casting this in the Underworld is more likely to be a bad-idea than not. 🙂

  2. sean wills says:

    Nice, another great week of sound little ideas. I think I may make this spell Level 1 but with a duration of 1 minute per Level, basically so lower level druids get the chance to ask a question or two rather than a conversation.

    also so as a GM I can stress out the players by having the spirit waffle and digress.

  3. bat says:

    Thanks, you two. Now, this is meant to be a sort of progression to The Revealing Wind, another druid spell. But instead of a brief answer you get a bit of a sit back and chat out of the spell.

    As magic-users can summon elementals this could be altered to be a 1st level arcane spell to compliment the druid spell, The Revealing Wind.

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