[Swords & Wizardry/Labyrinth Lord] New Monster: Iron Scorpions of Zeladize

Iron Scorpions of Zeladize

Largas Varl could have sworn that he saw one of the metal statues of the giant scorpions move, if only just a little bit. He nudged the wizard and pointed. Chalk looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Suddenly there was a great creaking of metal and the half dozen statues in the room came to life, surrounding the duo.

I tried to tell you,” Largas Varl said.

Silence!” demanded a grating metallic voice, “which of you is a wizard? We have a great need for a wizard’s services.”

Chalk stepped forward and raised a hand.

I am a wizard of some renown,” Chalk said, “What can I do to help?”

Iron Scorpions of Zeladize
Created by the Scourge of the Desert, the foul wizard Zeladize, these intricately constructed scorpions of iron have the mind of a human trapped within their metal bodies. Many years ago, this vile wizard created an army of iron scorpions and magically melded each with the essence and soul of the peasants of his desert kingdom. Effectively immortal, these metal arachnids fought viciously for Zeladize and he altered some of them to have additional metallic arms or a more poisonous sting. As their creator has long since disappeared the Iron Scorpions keep to themselves in their desert fortress, sometimes sending out their own creations (made by reforming the bodies of their fellows), like metal men, who wander about heavily covered so as not to raise alarm while gathering more iron for their forges. Sagely iron scorpions have poured over the notebooks of Zeladize and hope to find a way to create more of their kind. Note: Not all Iron Scorpions will be war-like, but they will all defend themselves.
Iron Scorpions of Zeladize: HD 4+1; AC 3[16]; Atk Bite (1d6), Sting (1d8 + Poison), Pinch (1d6), or Weapon (1d8 and see below); Move 10; Save 12; CL/XP 7/600; Special: Immunities: The construction of the Iron Scorpions of Zeladize has made them immune to the following: non-magical weapons, poisons of all types, heat and cold (not lightning, which does full damage), however, mind-affecting spells will affect Iron Scorpions has they retain their human reasoning and rationale, Poison: The poisons in the tails of the Iron Scorpions was created to paralyze, so that anyone struck by the tail stinger of an Iron Scorpion must make a Saving Throw at -2 or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds, Arms: Zaladize made metal arms for many of his creations, so that there is a 50% chance that an Iron Scorpion will be so equipped and can attack with a weapon (usually an iron spear) for an additional 1d8 damage.

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2 Responses to [Swords & Wizardry/Labyrinth Lord] New Monster: Iron Scorpions of Zeladize

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Very interesting, bat.

    The variety of your critters is pretty remarkable.

  2. bat says:

    Thank you!
    I am afraid that my mind is a muddled universe filled with these sorts of things.

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