[New Magic Item] Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

(or “Just how many plot hooks can I get into a magic item?”) 


Artifacts thousands of years old and of unknown origin, the Crystal Skulls appear as perfectly proportioned human skulls carved from hardened crystal, complete with moving jaws. It is also not known just how many of these are scattered about the multiverse, some say that many Prime Material planes contain several of these, whether this is true or conjecture is not known. What is known is that these magical items are powerful arcane devices that can allow the bearer to see into other planes and times and contact not only extra-planar entities, but also others holding these skulls. Strangely enough, if two to eight of these Crystal Skulls are brought together bad things start to happen; electrical storms of devastating magnitude, earthquakes, monsters, animals and people go berserk, and insanity reigns supreme, the first clue that another skull is nearing will be an eerie wailing emanating from the magic item that is very unnerving. Yet if nine or more converge at the same time a rift in the fabric of space and time will open and allow extra-planar travel, by opening a gate to the Astral Plane that anyone can walk into or out of.


Benefit: Any wizard holding a Crystal Skull can Contact Other Plane (as per the spell) with absolute clarity and hold conversations with the being on the other plane for several minutes. In addition, a telepathic conversation can be held with anyone else holding another Crystal Skull for basically any length of time. If nine or more of the magic items converge at the same location a gate is opened to the Astral Plane, however if 2-8 of these strange devices are within 50 feet of each other calamities of various kinds will spontaneously erupt. Usable by: Magic-users can use the to contact extra-planar creatures and entities as well as open the Astral Gate, anyone can use a Crystal Skull to communicate telepathically with another intelligent creature wielding one.




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6 Responses to [New Magic Item] Crystal Skulls

  1. sean wills says:

    Woh, there’s a campaign’s worth of material in that description.

    they’re just mental – luv ’em !

  2. Rubezahl says:

    There’s some potential there, most certainly so. Not quite so incredible a kick-off as the keys from a while back, but perhaps I’m not seeing all the options yet. Regardless, damn cool idea.

  3. bat says:

    Thanks, guys. I see them as a challenge, like the Key to the Kingdom, as almost an abstraction that blurs the lines between what it actually is. Possibly just a plot hook or a reason to move from Point A to Point B. It is up to you to decide.

    As these see the light of day in a campaign world I see a lot of people declaring prophecies and dooms, power-mad wizards trying to latch onto them and alien creatures in the Astral Plane flexing their talons, hungry to step/crawl/shamble onto the Prime Material once again.

  4. Timeshadows says:

    The calamities is the best bit, and then the unlimited (on same plane?) communication between skull-holders.

  5. bulette says:

    very cool, my wife has an old paperback book about these somewhere, i’ll have to dig it out and re-examine it. i never would have thought of introducing them to a campaign if you hadn’t posted this, i think it’s brilliant. “my precious crystal skull, don’t touch it!” hehe

  6. bat says:

    Thank you both!
    I had actually watched a show about aliens on the Discovery channel the night before and there was talk about the Star Child Skull. And for some reason I woke up thinking “crystal skulls” and ran with it.

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