[New Spell] Cobbler’s Friend

Cobbler’s Friend

Chalk and Koram ran down the narrow winding alleys of Bottle, looking for a way out of town. Being hunted by wizards and clerics had a way of making the wilderness look more appealing.

Suddenly a leering face stuck itself out of a doorway and a spell was cast. Chalk’s soft leather shoes and Koram’s war boots seemed to instantly come apart at the seams, leaving the two running barefoot, which slowed them down considerably. The two rascals slowed down noticeably as their soft feet were unused to the rough cobblestones.

Then a deranged looking dwarf stood a ways before them. The dwarf smiled and began swinging a sack over his head, then he threw the sack to the ground smashing the contents all over the alleyway. Broken glass littered the path before the duo.

This could be a bad week,” Chalk observed.

No kidding!” Koram replied as the two stopped dead in their tracks.



Cobbler’s Friend (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: 30 feet per level of caster

Duration: Effects are permanent until repaired

When cast, this almost whimsical (it is certainly not whimsical to be on the receiving end) spell causes the footwear of anyone that wears shoes, boots, etc, to fall apart. Even the steel that covers and protects a knight’s feet becomes undone. Humans, orcs, hobgoblins, and any other creature used to wearing shoes or boots now must move at half their normal speed or less, depending on the terrain. Broken glass, thorns, caltrops, and anything else that would harm tender feet causes 1d4 points of damage when trodden upon without protection on the feet. Halflings, goblins, trolls and other creatures with leathery soles on their feet are obviously not affected by this spell. Note that the actual footwear is not destroyed and may be easily repaired with the right tools.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Cobbler’s Friend

  1. Timeshadows says:

    –Doesn’t this exceed even the power of a slow spell in so much that it opens folks affected to damaging effects of the terrain?

    1st level seems low to my rather stringent and at-0times, un-fun mind.
    –Disregard if you think me in error.

    Other than that, it is one nasty-hearted spell. 😀

  2. bat says:

    However, if you have a ranged weapon or spells, there is nothing keeping you from acting at your normal speed. A Slow spell (as per the AD&D 1st Edition PHB) slows the person’s movement and attacks by one-half, this spell just affects those who wear shoes and stops them over difficult terrain.

    I see this as one of those spells that is an NPC utility spell/hindrance to a group of player characters.

  3. Rubezahl says:

    It works for me. The damage is a concern (well, if you’re a magic-user) but otherwise no worse than a weapon, and it is something you’ve got to step into to take really. I think it’ll prompt thinking outside the box, “…Okay, window ledges… I can walk on window ledge right?”

  4. bat says:

    This is along the lines of what I was thinking. It is a hindrance, but one that can be avoided. This can be used to get a head start on enemies as well.

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