[New Deity] Ramalokor of the Skies

Ramakolor of the Skies


I’d wager that the rain will fall sometime next week, but not a day ‘afore,” the peasant said confidently.

The stranger looked as if he was scrutinizing the simple farmer.

Would it be easier for the rain to fall before?” the stranger asked.

Aye, sir, that it would, but how can we make it rain?” the peasant replied.

I might know a way to…,” the wanderer started to say.

No! We don’t need any more charlatans around here! The last band of rascals got away with most of the town’s gold! Where’s my pitchfork?” the villager said angrily, looking around.

But I can…”


With that the stranger shrugged and walked off, trying to weigh the situation in his mind. Not quite understanding human concepts, he made sure it didn’t rain in the area for a while. And it didn’t rain for two years anywhere near the village.





Ramakolor of the Skies
Greater Deity

Ramakolor, The Sky Lord or Storm King
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Storms, Rain, Lightning

Symbol: Three lightning bolts, one crossing over the other two
Typical Worshipers: Druids, farmers, sailors

Hit Points (if you need them): 220

Ramakolor of the Skies is another strange deity, aloof and keeping to himself a lot of the time, he is sometimes spotted on lonely mountaintops or sitting near seasides with his chin upon his knees, watching the winds pick up and turn into vicious storms.

The Sky Lord appears most often as a thin, gaunt human with a stern face, dressed in heavy clothing, as if it is about to rain. And if he decides it will rain, it will be a downpour. While keeping to himself, Ramakolor sometimes delights in speculating what the weather will be like in a particular area with the local villagers, farmers and peasants. If he is treated in a generally kind manner he will usually help out the farmers with favorable weather, yet if he is treated with scorn or contempt he will bring either a flood or a drought.


Abilities: The Sky Lord can use any eight Cleric or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as a 12th level priest or wizard (or druid, if you use druids in your campaign world) respectively, focusing on spells that allow Ramakolor to control the weather, fly, or protect his clerics and shrines .The Sky Lord fights as a 13h level Fighter, his favored attack is either a lightning bolt (2d12 +2 damage) or a sphere of ball lightning that can be sent after a specific target (2d10+2 damage). In addition, Ramakolor can cause any metal object, be it weapon, structure, armor, anything made of metal, to cause an electric shock that causes 1d8 electrical damage to anyone not grounded (the Sky Lord is immune to all electrical attacks and damage).


Awe: Ramalokor often appears as an ordinary male, either of the native humans, or as an outsider, but he usually never reveals himself as the Storm King.


Honor Guard: Ramalokor prefers to travel alone most of the time, but sometimes he will have a small group of fighters and magic-users (1d10 total, of levels 4-7) at his side in a fight or as traveling companions into strange territory.


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3 Responses to [New Deity] Ramalokor of the Skies

  1. Good stuff – like the electrical attack, the prose snippet in spot-on – I like the inability to completely understand/empathise with mortals

  2. MoonSylver says:

    Geordie beat me to it. Good job capturing the un-human-ness of deity.

  3. bat says:

    Thank you for the comments, guys! I am glad that the alien-ness of the deity translated.

    I like having deities that don’t quite understand what it is like to be mortal, even if they started out that way.

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