[New Monster] Skyfish



Bakra-do laughed heartily, something that caused Chalk and Koram to start as they had never seen the mercenary so much as crack a smile.

“Come, my friends, after fending off those creatures that were after you two that tracked me down, I am ready to let the past be the past,” Bakra-do said, amused by some private joke.

Chalk and Koram looked at each other, then warily back at the mercenary.

“Please, come and eat! The food isn’t poisoned! Look, I will eat some of it myself,” Bakra-do said, and he drank in the fish soup.

“I am hungry,” Koram said, “and Gnyb and Valance will catch up shortly. We can eat and wait for them, I suppose.”

Chalk eyed them both, then sat down by the stew pot. Bakra-do scooped brimming bowls of fish soup for both of them. Koram sat down.

“This is good soup!” Chalk exclaimed.

Suddenly, as Koram ate to his heart’s content, he gasped and began to panic. Chalk dropped his soup bowl and went to help out his friend. Koram’s body began transforming very rapidly, within moments he had taken on the size and appearance of a gnome. Bakra-do laughed out loud.

“For almost getting me killed, we are even! That buffoon will only be a gnome for a day. I barely escaped with my life!” the mercenary said to the two adventurers.

Chalk and Koram had to admit that they did owe it their mercenary friend and this was a subtle revenge.

“Maybe there is a spare towel or blanket somewhere,” gnome-Koram said, looking around, “it is a little chilly and my clothes didn’t shrink with me!”

Chalk and Bakra-do laughed. Chalk just ate bread for his dinner, but urged Gnybaro and Valance to try the fish soup when they arrived.


No. Enc.: 1-10(2d12)

Alignment: Neutral (but nasty)

Movement: 90’ (30’)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 2

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (bite and see below)

Save: F2

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: XV

The skyfish are an odd monster, created apparently by a magical mishap or experiment gone wrong. These creatures look like rather ugly foot long fishes that “swim” through the air, catching currents of the magical aether like a normal fish would in water. Somewhat intelligent, the skyfish have an unusual defense mechanism: when encountering what they would deem a dangerous foe, these fish try to bite the biggest opponent as quickly as they can, transforming them into a more harmless creature.

Anyone bitten by a skyfish must make a save versus Spells and Spell-like Devices at -1 or be transformed for 24 hours into a creature on the chart below (the result of a 1d6 roll):

1-2 Goblin

3-4 Kobold

5-6 Gnome

Note that the transformation does not include equipment and gear and the resulting creature is a typical member of the species with no special qualities.

Skyfish are considered a delicacy in some exotic locales, but for every skyfish eaten the diner must roll 1d6, a result of 1 means that the consumer of the magical fish must consult the table above, for they are transformed into either a goblin, a kobold or a gnome for one day. Considered quite amusing at parties.


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2 Responses to [New Monster] Skyfish

  1. MoonSylver says:

    There’s a nice little slice of odd to spring on players

  2. bat says:

    Thank you! Weird fish swimming through the air that can turn you into a kobold!
    Not everything should be devastating, imagine being turned into a goblin and having to run around like that for a while?

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