[New Magic Item] Phase Armor

Phase Armor


“What is that?” Koram asked as the creature in strange armor ran towards them, wielding a sword and blinking in and out of reality.

“I have no idea,” Chalk replied, wondering what spell would halt something like that.

The thin creature in the weird armor crept up to them, its head turning in an almost mantis-like fashion. The thing stood still a moment, then raised its hands to remove the helmet.

“Do you know of the elf called Elgin Starbreaker?” the thing asked, its voice buzzing strangely.

“Sure,” replied Chalk, “we had a few adventures with him. He is a good elf.”

Gnybaro signaled to Chalk from behind the creature, the thief bore a rock to bash the thing’s head. Chalk motioned for Gnybaro to hold back.

The creature in the strange armor removed the helmet, revealing the smiling face of Elgin Starbreaker.

“Just a good elf? That is all you had to say about me?” Elgin asked, frowning.

“Hey, I didn’t know what we were walking into here,” Chalk replied.

“Where did you find that armor?” Koram asked, almost drooling over the elaborate designs and the strange angles and almost organic look of the armor.

“I got lucky,” Elgin said with a shrug.

“Yeah, we get lucky a lot too,” Chalk said a bit suspicious of the elf, “ usually while someone else gets incredibly unlucky.”


Many years ago a group of adventurers unearthed a strange underground complex that contained many weird items. Among these were several suits of bizarre armor, armor that, when worn, completely sealed the wearer inside, like an exoskeleton. The wearer of the armor looks out of dark lenses that illuminate the world allowing the wearer to see in a variety of light spectra. However, the main function of the armor is to phase in and out of the ether into and out of combat. The wearer must learn how to fully use the armor, which easily fits elves and thin humans to utilize the wondrous armor to its fullest potential. Those wearing this armor are pretty devastating in combat.

Benefit: When worn this armor allows the wearer to see in a variety of fields (ultraviolet, infrared, heat signature, etc), yet the big benefit is in the ability to phase in and out of the ether. In combat, anyone wearing this armor is -2 to hit due to the constant shifting in and out of the material plane and the armor is AC4 and can take 50 points of damage before being rendered useless. One per combat the armor can teleport the wearer up to 120′ away. This armor is very rare and very hard to understand how to use. Once a variant was encountered that had an additional set of arms that held scythed blades. Usable by: Elves and fighting men.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Phase Armor

  1. MoonSylver says:

    Very cool, unusual item. One could have a lot of fun filling in the background on where it comes from, who made it, looking for ways to repair it etc. Could be fun to tie it in somehow to the Astral Raiders & their Crystal Swords…(wonder what would happen when one of those swords comes into contact with this armor…hmmm…) 🙂

    (PS – liked the fluff piece too!)

  2. bat says:

    MoonSylver: Thank you for the comment! I was inspired by the Warp Spiders in Warhammer 40K (I was playing a bit of Dawn of War 2) and wondered about dropping a few sets of Eldar armor into a fantasy world. Maybe the Astral Raiders will come looking for some of this armor to further their ends or encounter a player wearing the armor and we will see what happens when a Crystal Sword meets Phase Armor.

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