[New Spell] Mutinous Limb!

Mutinous Limb!


“Ambush!” Chalk yelled as he caught sight of Stork right after losing Miserantis in the twisting alleys of Gnor.

“Leg it!” Koram yelled.

Suddenly Stork laughed and said one word while waving his gaunt arms.


Chalk and Koram each felt one leg stop agreeing with them. Refusing to run, trying to stop them in their tracks. The jangling of armor and weapons could be heard approaching.

Miserantis floated gently from the window of a derelict home, he pointed at the duo and also said one word.


Chalk looked over at the fighter.

“Why didn’t we bring the thief and the cleric as soon as we knew these two were in town?” the wizard asked mournfully.

“That would have been a good idea,” Koram agreed.

A handful of strange, hyaena-headed humanoids rounded a corner, armed with wicked spears and dressed in hodgepodge armor. They cackled and laughed at the predicament that the two adventurers were in.

Chalk and Koram shuddered and suddenly regained the use of their limbs. Drawing weapons, they prepared to face off against the feral humanoids.

“Spider God or no,” Koram said before stabbing at a surprised gnoll, “Valance is handy to have about in a pinch.”

A knife spun from a shadowy corner and caught Stork in the shoulder. The wizard howled in surprise and pain.

“Hey, don’t forget me,” Gnybaro said, revealing himself from his hiding place.

“Time for talk later,” Chalk said as he cast a spell that heated the weapons of the cackling gnolls, “now let’s teach these wizards and their minions a lesson!”



Mutinous Limb! (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 30 feet plus five feet per wizard level

Duration: Five minutes per level of spellcaster

When cast upon someone (or something) this spell causes one limb to obey the magic-user and not the owner of the appendage. The limb will drop any weapons, if it is carrying any, and the victim will be -3 to strike the wizard or his companions with a hand capable of carrying a weapon due to the flailing and uncontrollable limb. If the limb is a leg, then charging will be impossible and movement will be a quarter of what it should be. This spell works on anything with an appendage: arm, leg, tentacle, wing, etc. 1d6 opponents within range of the spell are affected, but the same limb is affected on all of the targets (the wizard must state “arm”, “leg”, “tentacle”, etc when the spell is cast). More than one wizard in a group with this spell may overlap the limbs effected.


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4 Responses to [New Spell] Mutinous Limb!

  1. Chawunky says:

    Ooh, nice one. Though I get images of Steve Martin from “All of me” dressed up like a barbarian…

  2. MoonSylver says:

    Awesome. You’re on a roll w/ some weird (in a good way) stuff lately. The approach of Samhain perhaps? 😀 And the fluff was another great LOL!

  3. Blair says:

    I dig how the spell name include an exclamation mark, very Tunnels & Trolls-ish.

  4. bat says:

    Chawunky, MoonSylver and Blair: thank you for the comments! It must be the influence of the strange, twisted shadows and the wonderfully cold and creepy evenings. And sometimes I feel a post screams for an exclamation point, like The God of Spiders! The post calls for it and a rebellious arm or leg is certainly a concern.

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