[New Magic Item] Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass


The large, brutish goblins were gaining ground, hacking away at the group of adventurers. Four of the hirelings were down. The sounds of battle in the narrow dungeon corridor were horrible, as swords clanged against sword and spear bounced off of shield.

“We almost have them! Keep fighting, boys!” Chalk yelled.

“You know,” Koram said, taking a moment to look skyward thoughtfully, “I really like Tarsha.”

“What are you talking about?” snapped Chalk before snapping off a spell at the creatures. One howled in pain.

“Oh, she gave him a bracelet and he is all smitten with her,” Gnybaro said, punctuating his comment by cutting deep into one of the beasts.

“What?!” Chalk shouted in disbelief.

Koram showed the wizard a wrist, adorned with a bracelet made of tiny hearts, each bearing a core of red.

“You must be joking,” Chalk said. As Koram haplessly swung at one of the monsters Chalk slipped a dagger against the cord of the bracelet and cut it off of the fighter’s wrist. Shaking off the effects of the magical amulet, Koram now wore a defiant sneer as he swung his sword.

“There is an army of bugbears coming down on us and you are pining for a serving girl, way to go!” Chalk exclaimed. The wizard dropped the bracelet to the broken earth and ground the small trinkets under the heel of his boot.

Nobody noticed in the gloomy tavern light of the Lazy Lamia Inn, some miles away from the cold dungeon, as one of the barmaids stopped a moment and clutched at her heart in pain. A tear slowly running down her face.


A seemingly innocuous device, a Heart of Glass looks like a small glass charm or trinket, with a drop of red liquid in its center, which is, of course, the blood of the person who created the item, or had it it made for them. These tiny arcane devices are often secreted upon a person to gain their affections. The most cunning give them out in an obvious manner and convince the target to wear them. One wearing a Heart of Glass will have constant, favorable thoughts about the one whose blood is in the trinket, not quite like a Charm spell, but distracting enough to be problematic for an adventuring party. These magic items only affect living, intelligent creatures, no animals, undead or extra-planar entities. Oh, and the effects accumulate if more than one charm is worn with the same person’s blood, but are negated if more than one person’s item is on the body of a target.

Benefit: Anyone wearing a Heart of Glass will think quite favorably about the person whose blood is in the trinket. Not as powerful as a Charm spell, a Heart of Glass will make the victim wearing it treat the one who initiated the magic item in a positive, cheerful manner, possibly even amorous. Anyone wearing a Heart of Glass will be -2 to strike the maker of the device, if they even get an inclination to. The more of these charms worn the more likable the target will find the owner of the charm, and be -4 to strike the creator of the device, but if the Hearts of Glass of two or more people are worn, the magic items are rendered useless. If the amulet is broken the one whose blood is in the charm suffers 1d4 points of damage. Usable by: Anyone crafty enough to drop one of these on someone.

[And yes, I was headbanging to Blondie while writing this post.]

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Heart of Glass

  1. MoonSylver says:

    Cool. Has the ring to it of real folk magic, the kind of stuff that peasants, wise women, etc would come up with.

    Good thing you mentioned the Blondie reference yourself or I was gonna call you out on it. 😀

  2. bat says:

    Thank you, MoonSylver! Music is a big influence on many of my posts, a line or an idea or sometimes just the title can spur me on to create something. I have already done Megadeth, Metallica and Gwar (although many of these ideas are influenced by Alice in Chains lyrics too) and Blondie is also appropriate as they were actually out there pretty far ahead of their time and had a great punk attitude, cleverly covered by innocent sounding lyrics.

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