[New Magic Items] Sea-themed items

Magic Items of the Sea 


Not all ocean magic is extremely rare or unique, some items are fairly common, created for elite troops, as honors or special rewards or as the results of experimentation. Here are five new sea themed items that might find their way into your campaign:

The Shellmet of Gula-Giri: This elaborately colored conch shell fits most any head around the size of a human and fits snugly. This helmet adds +1/-1 to the AC of the wearer as well as allowing the person wearing the helmet to bear a trident without penalty underwater or strike with a +1 if on land within one mile of a large body of water.

Trident of Derandulus: The bearer is +2 to damage in combat and if bearing the weapon, will not be attacked by any creatures of the sea of animal intelligence or lower.

Alchemically treated Ink of the Corendule Squid: Contained in glass vials, this ink is used on land as much as it is in the water. Anyone caught in the inky trail of a vial of this arcane substance (generally creates a 20x20x20 cloud that floats randomly on land or sea) will experience strange and vivid hallucinations for 1d8 hours. During this time those affected will be -2 on combat rolls, perception rolls and the like. Despite the negative effects of this weird concoction, it is common at parties and other occasions at which the guests are not expecting unwanted visitors.

Golem of the Waves: These golems, roughly humanoid in shape, are a gestalt creature created from a large amount of smaller sea creatures. Imbued with semi-intelligence during this process, a Golem of the Waves is never surprised due to the fact that there are eyes staring from all around the “body”of the thing. Squid tentacles grip from the “arms”, a shark’s mouth might form part of the “head” of this disturbing construct.

Golem of the Waves:  (1) [AL N, MV Swim120’ (40’), on land 60′ (20′), AC 8, HD 5, #AT 2, DG 1d8/1d8 (tentacle/pincer or bite), SV F4, ML 12, Hoard Class None, XP 2750]

Sea Song Harp: This beautifully crafted harp is made from all sorts of rare pearls and shells. In the hands of a bard or skilled musician, the Sea Song Harp will create waves of tranquility within a 100 foot radius of the harp when it is being played. All combat is at -2 within this area and most creatures will become caught up in the music and swim or crawl joyfully about (a Labyrinth Lord/referee should allow a Saving Throw versus Spells and Spell-like Devices to resist this strange underwater magic). There are rumors of a counter instrument, the Trumpet of Dread Waves, that has the opposite effect, causing all within 100 feet to be washed in feelings of war and conflict, adding +2 to damage in combat, the Saving Throw should also be applicable here.

Usable by: Anyone.

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