[New Monster] Soulstealer Devil

Soulstealer Devil

Good day to you sirs!” the short man said loudly, rubbing his hands together.

Not interested,” Chalk said, walking by.

How about you?” the wizened man asked Koram.

I think not,” the fighter replied.

And you, my good man?” the stranger asked of Gnybaro.

I’m fine, thank you,” Gnybaro said, strolling passed.

Valance approached and the man grinned broadly.

How are you, dear Valance?” the odd man asked.

Well, about my contract….” the cleric of the Spider God began.

Not now! Not now! You still have months to go on that scrap of paper!” the stranger replied.

Valance nodded a bit nervously and walked along passed the crossroads. Leaving the laughing stranger behind.

He knows you?” Gnybaro asked Valance hours later, around the campfire.

It is a long story, one I had best not get into,” the cleric replied, tucking his spiders away for the evening.

Before Chalk closed his eyes that night he could have sworn he heard the laughter of the stranger off in the nearby dark woods.

Soulstealer Devil

No. Enc.: 1

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 120′ (40’)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 12

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d12 punch, 1d10(walking stick) or by spell

Save: F9

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: Special

X.P.: 6000

Unlike most infernals, a Soulstealer Devil is found on the Material Plane and not conjured from the Hells, although one can be called upon easily enough and will usually come running. The ultimate deal-maker, a Soulstealer Devil will happily draw up a contract to grant his victim great wealth and prestige. For a run of seven earthly years, after which time the person signing the contract must either agree to forfeit their soul to the Soulstealer Devil or provide another soul to extend this contract for another seven years.

Not without a sense of humor or fairness, a Soulstealer Devil will keep an eye on those whose souls they have an interest in and a contract for, sometimes appearing at awkward times and having a laugh at the expense of their victims. When the time comes, the Soulstealer Devil will collect the soul of their victim, which often, strangely enough, appears as a drab moth with the voice of their worldly self. The Soulstealer Devil will then use these trapped souls as currency when visiting the Lower Planes, the quality and size of these damned metaphysical moths suggest their value and worth to the various devils, demons, daemons and other strange infernal creatures.

A Soulstealer Devil is a rather frightening creature when the full horror of his persona and agenda are revealed. At will the Soulstealer Devil can control the weather, produce flames, create a magical barrier to protect itself from weapons, conjure great amounts of gold and platinum coins up from the ground (this creature can bestow 1d4x10,000 gold pieces worth of treasure upon anyone signing a contract with him), summon the damned from the various Hells as well as committing a variety of amazing sleight of hand tricks (minor ledgerdemain that are difficult to realize-can only be detected on a roll of 6 on 1d6). An efreeti could be used as a base creature for abilities, except that any coins conjured are permanent.

The Soulstealer Devil is a great tempter and sometimes works with infernal creatures, like the succubi, for example, to further plunge his victims into desperation and evil. While a formidable foe to be sure, the Soulstealer Devil avoids combat, preferring guile and a war of words over vulgar fighting. The weakness of the Soulstealer Devil is that he can be outfoxed and a few souls have been returned, their contracts torn asunder, which will drive the creature from the area for one year and one day. He also has a great fear of clerics and the righteous, and will often flee (a result of 1-3 on a 1d6) in the sight of a great champion of Law. If bested or sent fleeing, the Soulstealer Devil often leaves a trail of coins, scrolls and random magical items in his wake.

In appearance the Soulstealer Devil looks a bit like a wizened human, dressed in fine traveling clothes, usually with a walking stick and a pipe. He is very spry and has a fiendish twinkle in his eyes, which many notice when it is too late. Animals have been known to become frightened and try to bolt in his presence, making noise and struggling on any leads or tethers that hold them.

[The idea of this creature is not to defeat him in physical combat, but to outwit him, which, depending on the degree, may send this devil packing back to the Lower Planes. While powerful, the stupendous wealth that this monster bestows upon his victims can touch many lives and the Soulstealer Devil often preys upon the inexperienced and green just as much as the desperate and frustrated.]

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