[New Monster] Hound of Lozag

Hound of Lozag


Mind their tails!” Koram shouted as the Hounds of Lozag closed in.

The black dogs were lurking in the shadows of the ruins, their dead white eyes glowing eerily in the darkness of night.

With a rush the Hounds were upon them, barking and biting and stinging with their horrible scorpion-like tails. Chalk fired off a couple of spells that incapacitated the leader of the vile canines, Valance caught a trio of the menacing chaotic hounds in a sticky web, causing the beasts to nip and bite at each other.

Gnybaro finished off a Hound but another was upon the thief and before he could fend it off the creature clamped onto his sword arm, causing him to drop his sword and cry out in pain. Then the beast’s stinger plunged into the thief’s chest. Gnybaro struggled to take a few steps and fell to the ground, motionless.

Hound of Lozag

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d12)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 120’ (40’)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice: 4+2

Attacks: 2

Damage: 1d6 (bite) and 2d4 (tail stinger and poison)

Save: F4

Morale: 7

Hoard Class: None (unless guarding treasure)

X.P.: 250

These strange, evil dogs were allegedly created by the fell deity Lozag centuries ago. Looking like a dark mastiff with a scorpion-like tail and milky white eyes, a Hound of Lozag is a frightful creature to encounter, whether in dark forests or deep dungeons. Evil High Priests and vile sorcerers often keep these nightmarish dogs as pets and guardians; a Hound of Lozag is loyal to the clergy of Lozag and most anyone with a Chaotic mindset.

Wild bands of Hounds of Lozag hunt down their prey in small packs, biting and stinging their prey until there is no more resistance, and the feast begins.

Anyone stung by the strange, scorpion-like tail of a Hound of Lozag must make a Save versus Poison at -1 or be paralyzed for 1d6 turns.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Hound of Lozag

  1. bat says:

    Thank you, Timeshadows! Just a quick little guardian hound to throw at the unsuspecting.

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