[New Spell] Winged Helper

Winged Helper

Chalk and Koram, Gnybaro and Valance, all sat deep under the Temple of the Dread Goat, happily eating away at their dried venison and bread, downing their ale and talking idly, at rest during another adventure. None of them noticed the small bat that watched from a high nook, observing their every move.

What are they doing?” Stork asked the hired spellcaster. Even between them, Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage didn’t have a spell that could conjure a small animal to spy for them.

The gaunt sorcerer opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times, mostly for theatrical effect.

They are dining,” he replied.

Dining!” exclaimed Vistis the Blue Mage. “It figures that those idiots would go on a holiday in some forgotten temple deep underground.”

Well, they have to rest,” the hired wizard said.

Stork was growing impatient. He and Vistis the Blue Mage wanted to spring the perfect trap on their adversaries.

Keep an eye on them,” Stork said, tossing a few more gold coins on the oak table. “Let us know the moment those rascals make a move.”

The hired wizard took the coins and hid them in a secret pocket in his robes. For a moment he considered telling these two that the group was now on the move, looking for a deeper level in the temple, yet Chalk had paid him over three times his usual rate to throw out false leads.

Winged Helper (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: 100 feet per level of wizard, assistant can fly without limit

Duration: One week per level of wizard or until dispelled or destroyed

The Winged Helper spell allows a sorcerer to summon a small winged creature to spy for him or her. The time of day the spell is cast determines what sort of creature is summoned (unless the caster is in an area such as a dungeon or underground cavern, in which case a bat would show up), by day a small sparrow will appear, by night, a bat. Unlike a familiar, a wizard may have multiple winged helpers, but these small animals are not as handy as familiar; they winged helpers understand the basic commands regarding which direction to go and what to look for, and the winged helper observes what they are ordered to, the wizard casting the spell mentally sees what the animal sees and hears during their journey. Adventurers use these small creatures to scout ahead in dungeon or woodland scenarios, evil sorcerers enjoy using winged helpers as expendable spies. In combat a winged helper is -2 to strike to to it’s size, however any damage will kill the animal. In combat the animal’s natural instinct to get away usually keeps it out of harm’s way.

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  1. I like this spell! Can I translate spells I like and post them on our campaign wiki for our own use? They would be accessible to all visitors. I’d have a comment with the link to the original entry. Example: http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/F%C3%BCnfWinde/Die_Hilfe_kleiner%2c_gefl%c3%bcgelter_Wesen

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