[New Spell] Wall of Faith

Wall of Faith

Koram strained his neck to look down the dungeon passageway. He heard the clanking of armor and the grunting of orc thugs. The fighter and the others needed to rest and had to come up with a distraction. Suddenly the orc voices became excited, they must have picked up the scent of the humans.

The are onto us,” he told the others.

Chalk was exhausted.

You got anything handy?” the wizard asked Valance, priest of the Spider God.

Valance thought a moment, then muttered a short prayer. Slowly a darkness appeared just as the orcs came into view. This strange patch of shadows quickly expanded and became a barrier that seemed to crawl with wispy images of human skeletons and vicious spiders.

Will that hold them long?” Gnybaro asked.

Hopefully long enough for us to get out of here,” the dark priest said as he tucked away a scuttling spider the size of a large rat.

The others didn’t need to be told twice.

Wall of Faith (Divine)

Level 2

Range: 20 feet

Duration: Twenty minutes per level of cleric

This spell allows a cleric or priest to create a wall that will hold those at bay who would do the cleric harm. The wall covers an area 100 feet square and one foot thick. The Wall of Faith will shape itself to fill a gap (such as in a dungeon cavern) but will retain its thickness. Persons and creatures of an opposite alignment (or intent, philosophy, belief system or alliance if not using the Law/Neutrality/Chaos alignment system) will not only be slowed, but will suffer 1d8 points of damage trying to pass through the wall. Those of the same alignment/outlook are slowed by the barrier, but do not take damage. The Wall of Faith has the consistency of thick honey or molasses and has the following qualities:

Wall of Law: Shines as a bright light that will hold all intelligent undead at bay. In addition to taking 1d8 points of damage, any Neutral or Chaotic creatures passing through this barrier must make a save versus Spells and Spell-like Devices at -1 or be calmed for one hour afterwards. Calmed creatures are -2 on all combat rolls during this hour.

Wall of Neutrality: This Wall of Faith appears murky or blurry to look through. Anyone passing through this barrier, in addition to taking 1d8 points of damage if of a Lawful or Chaotic nature, will find that the stuff of the Wall is hard to break free from and there is a 2 in 6 chance (result of 1-2 on a d6) of being stuck in the Wall. Anyone stuck doesn’t take more damage, but must remain until the duration of the spell lapses.

Wall of Chaos: This dreadful Wall radiates treachery and emits a dark, smoky fire. Anyone passing through it must make a Save versus Spells and Spell-like Devices at -1. Anyone failing this saving throw will hear strange voices chanting litanies to dark gods for one hour afterwards. These sounds are disturbing and distracting, making all attacks in combat at -1 until the sound goes away.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Wall of Faith

  1. Timeshadows says:


    Suggested edit:
    “to create a wall that will hold those who would do the cleric at bay.” — above

    Insert = ‘to create a wall that will hold >at bay< those who would do the cleric [harm].'

  2. bat says:

    Thank you for the comment and correction! I was really sleepy this morning, and it showed! 🙂

    • Timeshadows says:

      Sorry if I was acting the pedant.
      –Apparently I was not in-step with the rest of The OOSC, either. 😉

      Your walls of illusion, etc. have been a very interesting and extremely useful addition to the lower level spells.
      –Kudos. 😀

      • bat says:

        Oh no, thank you for pointing it out, I appreciate that. Sometimes I amaze myself, I was an English minor and an ESL teacher overseas.

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