…also coming in the future…

                                                  [Not the final art, just a mock-up cover.]

This will be distributed via Brave Halfling Publishing and include material not in the blog. John and I have been talking about this for months and I feel that the editing and layout are where they need to be. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society.

There will also be a new page added, this one updated weekly, delving a little deeper into the campaign world and offering a couple of side projects, including a Planet Algol homage. This page will also include posts for Mutant Future and Mutant Future compatible games.

This post was a long time coming, part of it due to my concern over blog hits and the general reception of this blog and the ideas presented. Yesterday I topped 31,000, which, I understand is decent for less than a year. I do want to thank everyone who has stopped by to check out the blog and I really appreciate ALL of the comments and input that I have received!

Edit: Here is the table of contents for the booklet:

Introduction & Notes


Armor of Ascendancy

Banishment of the Vile

Bridge of Shadows

Call Grimalkin

Conjure Greater Salamander

Conjure Vermin


Fey Coins

Lair of Air

Leafy Demise


Lost Along the Way

Luck Runs Dry


Returning the Compliment

Sky Castle

Unquenchable Light of the Divine

Wall of Silence

Wild Heart

Winged Flight




Damned Dwarfs of Mount Deskellos

Ether Hounds

Ghoul Mage

Giant, Diabolic



Hus Klazomenaios


Salamander, Greater




Deities, Magic Items and Miscellaneous Encounters:



Barbarian Treasure


God of Spiders


Homonoculous Tree

Horn of the Elven Lords



Orc Loot

Planar Jug

Sarcophagus of Anjunees

Screaming Obelisk

Writ of Saellcius

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14 Responses to …also coming in the future…

  1. David Macauley says:

    Absolutely fantastic news. Can’t wait to see not only volume one, but future volumes too.

    @John – you really are good at keeping secrets. Not a hint. I had no idea.

  2. John Adams says:

    @David: But we’ve been negotiating via smoke signals only on nights when the moon is full. 🙂

  3. Timeshadows says:

    Great news! 😀

    ‘and Mutant Future compatible games.’: sweet.

  4. ze bulette says:

    Congrats and a long time coming (or at least expected, that is!), looking forward to it, and Happy New Year! ~ zB

  5. sean wills says:

    Excellent, 2010 is going to be MINT !

  6. Propnomicon says:

    I’m glad to hear this, and especially appreciative of the ol’ skool style cover design. I still get a thrill flipping through the old parchment covered Arduin Grimoires.

  7. Hmm. This could be interesting.

  8. bat says:

    Thank you for the kind words, everyone!
    John and I have been quietly talking this over since last June, I believe, and as the blog grew in momentum I have been adding, editing and trying to hone this into the best product I can.
    I really like the way John/Brave Halfling Publishing does business and I had to go with him to distribute the print version of the blog.

  9. The Venomous Pao says:

    Oh hell yes! Congrats, bat! This is very cool news!

  10. MoonSylver says:

    Congratulations Bat! Such great content deserves to be in print!

  11. bat says:

    Thank you, Oh Venomous One and MoonSylver!
    Well, as you know, this isn’t just my product, but ours, I carefully read and consider every bit of input and feedback I have received, which I truly appreciate immensely.

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