[New Monster] Vazang



Koram started to draw his Crystal Sword.

“Little freaks!” the fighter shouted.

Gnybaro motioned for Koram to put his sword away. The thief made a sign with his hands and one of the little ant-men ran at the thief and hugged his leg.

Chalk looked at Gnybaro, as did Valance. Koram shrugged.

“Wha…,” Chalk began.

Gnybaro took a deep breath. “Vazangs. They are somewhat common where I come from. I don’t know what they are doing here, maybe their adventuring party…”

One of the creatures chirped and clicked at Gnybaro. The human thief made a few odd clicking noises back.

“Vazangs?” Valance asked. A curious spider peeked out from under one of the cleric’s sleeves.

“They are what happens after a certain spell goes awry. There were hundreds of them in the town I grew up in. They are very handy. If I negotiate with them, maybe they will carry our equipment for us,” Gnybaro replied.

Chalk, Valance and Koram exchanged glances.

“Come on, they are pretty harmless,” the thief said. He then proceeded to delve into a conversation with the odd little creatures, clicking and chirping away.

“And the verdict?” Chalk inquired after a few minutes.

“They will be glad to help us carry our baggage,” Gnybaro answered.

“How much?” Koram asked, clutching at his coin pouch.

“Two silvers per vazang per week,” the thief said.

Chalk looked at the other two, both nodded.

“Deal!” the wizard said happily.

Before they knew it, around fifty of the short ant-men crowded around the adventurers, jumping up and down excitedly and clicking happily, although most were a little wary of the priest of the Spider God. Koram tried counting heads and gave up, throwing his hands in the air.

“This is going to cost us a fortune!” he lamented.


No. Enc.: 1d12 (2d12)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 180′ (60′)

Armor Class: 8

Hit Dice: 1+3

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 (claw or bite) or by weapon

Save: F3

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: VI

X.P.: 60

The vazang are a race of short bipeds that somewhat resemble halfling-sized and ant-men. Many wizards have speculated that these small, sometimes obnoxious miscreants are the eventual result of a spell like Minionize (q.v.) when the resulting creatures escape and breed true for a length of time, developing their own culture and society.

Vazangs are prolific creatures, however, unlike ants, these creatures have a mostly even ratio of males to females, which are hard to tell apart for most folk.

The vazang do justify themselves in a couple of ways. Firstly, these short humanoids muscle out the even more verminous kobold race, for the most part just by being slightly less annoying and not by attacking everyone around them. Secondly, the Vazang, being creatures of magical/artificial origin, for the most part have little sense of place in the world. This makes them excellent hirelings; a healthy adult vazang can carry 150 lbs, is quite loyal if treated well, doesn’t ask for much in return, can get into little places easily and is a decent fighter if need be. Plus the little blighters scurry quickly on their two little legs.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Vazang

  1. bat says:

    Thank you, Timeshadows!
    Sometimes you just need an annoying creature and not a slavering monster. Plus it seemed like a logical step to take from the Minionize spell.

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