[New Spell] Floatstone


Your friend lives in that little house?” Koram asked Gnybaro.

Yes, he does, we should get there before nightfall, it isn’t safe to be in these woods after dark,” the thief replied.

There is no boat and it is on a small island in the middle of the lake!” exclaimed the fighter.

Gnybaro took up a horn hanging from a low hanging pine branch and proceeded to blow a tune. Moments later the door opened on the little house and a figure stepped outside and waved to Gnybaro, who promptly waved back.

The water in the lake before them became disturbed, Chalk and Valance feared some lake monster would attack. A path of flat rocks appeared before them, in a direct path to the house in the middle of the lake.

Very clever,” remarked Chalk.

You need to be to stay alive out in this wilderness,” the thief said.

A weird howl could be heard in the distance, followed shortly by another, not too far behind them. Valance stepped onto the rock and started down the path.

He seems to know what is following us,” Chalk said as he hastily followed the cleric of the Spider God on the rock path.

Koram and Gnybaro wasted no time getting in line and across the lake to the island, the stones slowly settling to the bottom of the lake as they approached.

Floatstone (Arcane/Druid)

Level 1

Range: 30 feet per level of caster

Duration: 20 minutes per level of caster or until dispelled

A handy spell for crossing streams and rivers without getting one’s feet wet (or burned by corrosive acid, in some cases), Floatstone causes rocks and stones to raise up from a riverbed and float at the command of the caster of the spell. This can be used to make a straight path or a meandering one. Particularly handy in making a hasty retreat, when the caster and his or her companions have crossed the body of water, the magic-user or druid may cancel the spell, sending the stones and rocks drifting gently to the bottom of the river, stream or pond.

Optional: After 3rd level, a magic-user or druid may use this spell to cross chasms or other open air expanses.

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5 Responses to [New Spell] Floatstone

  1. bat says:

    This seemed handy enough for crossing difficult spots.

  2. Jensan says:

    Interesting! How will it work when crossing waters with sand bottom?

  3. Utility spells, the best kind there is!

  4. bat says:

    Jensan: Without stones, there are none to float! Unless the referee decides that sand is really very tiny stones, in which case it would make a very gritty path. I would say that you need stones, which forces the character to drag rocks around with them. 🙂
    Andreas: Thank you for the comment! I am sure crafty players can find devious uses, too.

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