[New Deities] The Mocking Gods

The Mocking Gods

And whither do you wander, little humans?” a cold, eerie voice asked in the dark.

Holding his lantern higher, Koram saw a strange figure sitting atop the rock wall, staring down intently at the adventurers.

Who asks?” Gnybaro inquired of the wizened and spindly being.

The creature leaped and landed gently on the ground, blocking their path.

I am Snyre,” the thing said, gently dusting off his thick leather coat.

We should go now,” hissed Valance to the others.

Why in a hurry to leave?” asked another voice from the darkness.

Valance began to quietly pray, the priest nudged Chalk and indicated that he should ready a spell.

From the shadows another humanoid creature revealed itself. This creature was just as strange as the first, but looked quite different and was stooped over.

I am Weja,” this creature said, holding a strange spear in one hand.

Something fluttered overhead in the cold night air and landed beside Snyre. It was wrapped head to toe in wide strips of cloth that waved independently in the air.

I am Kovul,” the third being hissed. A scimitar hung at its side.

With a thunderous crash a behemoth-sized spider broke through the thick stone wall. Everyone (and everything) except Valance screamed in terror as the thing erupted through the wall.

Run! Run! Let the spider drive them off!” Valance yelled.

Gnybaro, Koram and Chalk didn’t have to be told twice, they scattered in all directions as the spider closed in on the godlings.

The Mocking Gods

Lesser Deities

Kovul, Snyre and Weja
Alignment: Chaotic
Spheres of Influence: Destruction, Corruption and Disaster

Symbol: Three sets of eyes looking from a starry field
Typical Worshipers: Evil humanoids and any who dislike humanity

Hailing from somewhere amongst the stars above, the Mocking Gods came long, long ago. Then they were not deities, but strange creatures who would be gods. Through adventure and vile magic these three entities; Kovul, Snyre and Weja became deities, if only those of a lesser sort. At first these new gods sought worship and adoration among mankind, but found that most societies already had gods of their own, jealous deities who weren’t interested in sharing worship with these newcomers.

Rebuffed, but not giving up, these three lesser deities found worship among the other creatures, sometimes they found it easy to overwhelm or trick a single god and then they replaced that deity’s worship with the worship of themselves, growing in power little by little. These new followers the Mocking Gods set against humanity in any number of ways; from vandalism and minor treachery to war and devastation as these petty gods have sworn vengeance against all humans for rejecting them in the past.

Abilities: Can use any five Cleric or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as a 14th level priest or wizard respectively, with an emphasis on spells that harm, break, destroy or charm (against humans) or reward those who fight against humanity. The Mocking Gods each fight as 10th level Fighters, each bearing their own weapon:

Kovul: A magical scimitar (+2 to strike and damage humans), Snyre: A magical hammer that does 1d20 damage (+4 against humans) and Weja: A magical spear that returns when thrown and does 1d12+5 damage and is +2 to hit (anything, human or not).

Awe: The Mocking Gods are strange looking and certainly out of the ordinary beings. Any attempting to strike them in combat are -1 to do so because of their bizarre and unearthly nature.

Note (as with other deities I offer): While I know that the original Supplement IV listed the Hit Points for deities I have always been loathe to do this in my games because I feel that deities will basically decimate mortals in an O/B-XD&D setting. If you MUST have Hit Points for the Mocking Gods, I would set each at around 125.

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4 Responses to [New Deities] The Mocking Gods

  1. Oh yeah! These guys are absolutely delightful. Nice work!

  2. sean wills says:

    Outstanding! I love the idea of these would-be gods growing in power by picking on other gods, it’s very Terry Pratchett – good stuff !

  3. Timeshadows says:

    Cool and fun in so many ways. 😀

  4. bat says:

    When you get a chance, please read “While the Gods Slept” by Lord Dunsany. The idea of three weird creatures trying to become gods is introduced there, I just twisted it a little for my gaming world and to provide more adventure opportunities.

    Thank you for the comments, O Venomous One, Sean, and Timeshadows!

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