[New Spell] Know Direction

Know Direction

Stork crept along the alleyway behind the Drunken Dragon Inn. Peeking in the window he saw Koram, Valance and Chalk drinking and carousing in the dimly lit smoky haze as usual. With a smirk of satisfaction he pulled something dark and shadowy from a sack he had been carrying gingerly along. The thin wizard used the pommel of his dagger to break a window and then he threw the black lump into the inn’s common room and ran for it, trying to stifle a laugh.

Screams and overturned tables could be heard as Stork sped away faster, almost knocking over a hobbling old man holding a gnarled oak staff. The green robes told the wizard that this was probably a druid, on some errand from the nearby woods.

As Stork hurried on another figure appeared from the shadows, heavily cloaked in midnight blue.

Stork?” asked the one in darkest blue.

Aye, it was, Gnybaro,” answered Mavnor, the druid, straightening himself up and rubbing his back.

Mavnor whispered a spell as he touched the thief on the arm.

And now?” asked the thief.

And now we put our week’s worth of surveillance into good use. Stork will be getting tired and slowing down soon, confident that he has gotten away. We know which direction his lair is and now we can ambush him. Just move through the twisting streets five blocks to the northwest. With the spell I have cast on you we will have no problem finding his domicile and catching him unawares,” the druid explained.

With a nod Gnybaro started jogging, suddenly his head told him which direction he was traveling in.

Mavnor looked around as soon as the thief left and turned into a dappled pigeon to save all that running. From his new perspective, above the rooftops, he could see the thief advancing on the wily sorcerer as planned.

Know Direction (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Self and/or touch

Duration: Ten minutes per level of druid

A simple utility-type spell, Know Direction allows the caster (and someone the caster can touch) to know which direction that they are facing. In most worlds this means magnetic north is pointed out and the other directions can be deduced from there. However, this spell will also function on other planes, thus the druid casting the spell will intuitively know which direction he or she is traveling in. Anyone touched by the druid as the spell will also know which direction that they are moving in for the same duration. With this spell in affect ambushes and other covert operations can be accomplished.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Know Direction

  1. Lord Kilgore says:

    Nice basic utility spell.

    Request for clarification: The stat block says “Self or touch” but the description says “Anyone touched by the druid as the spell will also know.” Was your intent for it to be either the druid knows himself, OR he can grant it to one other instead? Or that the druid and anyone he touches all know the direction?

  2. bat says:

    Excellent point, Lord Kilgore. I clarified to “and/or” to reflect my intention. Feel free to give this ability to, say, a goblin shaman, to allow the creature to organize ambushes. Thank you for pointing that out!

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