[New Spell] Buoyancy


The small boat full of jostling and nervous halflings was easily overturned by the swamp ogre. Before dealing with the grisly humanoid, the wizard, Erlan Cless, chanted a few words. Suddenly, one by one, all of the halflings popped up to the surface and floated around like a bunch of corks.

As Cless battled the ferocious beast he heard a cry for help. A giant owl silently glided towards the lake and snatched up a helpless halfling, which caused a general panic amongst the other little folk.

Cless dropped the ogre with a horrific spell and wondered if he would get paid the same for delivering most of the halflings.

Buoyancy (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Self/object and/or any within ten feet

Duration: Twenty minutes per level of caster

Another utility spell, Buoyancy allows the caster to make anything; themselves, companions, objects or even enemies completely buoyant. Anything affected by this spell will float on water or any similar liquid like a cork or bit of wood. While not granting a person the ability to swim, this spell will keep them alive. Submerged objects can be brought to the surface easily with this spell as well. Moving in a particular direction is difficult, however, but can be achieved fairly easily (a result of 2-6 on a d6 per mile traveled).

Optional: This spell can be reversed, making it Submerged, which causes anything near the surface to sink like a rock, granting -2 to all swim rolls.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Buoyancy

  1. Timeshadows says:

    The Reverse is spooky. 😦 😀

  2. bat says:

    I see the reverse as appropriate for a nasty surprise when encountering marine trolls, sea hags, etc.

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