[New Spell] Tale of Death

Tale of Death

Koram looked over Valance’s shoulder as the priest of the Spider God dug through the pile of debris.

Any luck yet?” the fighter asked.

It would be much easier to find a bone from one of those weird skeletons if you and Chalk hadn’t dropped a stone tower on them,” the priest replied.

Such a strange collection of bones required an enthusiastic effort,” Koram said a bit defensively.

Aha!” Valance exclaimed, holding a long, warped bone high in one hand. He immediately began to cast a spell.

What’s your magic say?” Chalk asked casually as he sat on a nearby rock.

The thing was originally killed by…you two,” the priest answered.

Chalk and Koram both exchanged puzzled glances.

Must have been the lotus,” Chalk pondered.

Or that weird bottle of wine we had the last time we were in these parts,” Koram offered.

Whatever it was it must have been good if you two don’t remember killing that!” Valance snapped.

Tale of Death (Cleric)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Instant

Tale of Death allows a cleric or priest to know how a creature died, giving them the exact time, method and name(s) of any important figures related to the death. The cleric must have a tangible target for this spell, a bone, cadaver or the funerary clothing of the deceased or the cleric must touch the body (usually via a weapon) in the case of the undead. Incorporeal undead are not affected by this spell.

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12 Responses to [New Spell] Tale of Death

  1. David says:

    HA!! That’s a great story for a fun little spell.

  2. bat says:

    Thank you, David! Chalk and the boys usually get up to some mischief that proper adventurers should avoid. They are definitely examples of what not to do most of the time.

  3. trey says:

    I think that’s my favorite Chalk and Koram bit so far.

  4. Timeshadows says:

    What happens in Felltower stays in Felltower. 😉

  5. bighara says:

    So no murders ever go unsolved?

    • bat says:

      Murders go unsolved in the real world and we have advanced forensic technology, meaning that there is always a way around it.

      This does only work on the dead or corporeal undead for one and for another, one has to find the bones to solve the crime. Who is going out into the Astral plane to find a bag of bones? Or into the belly of a Purple Worm?

      • CrusssDaddy says:

        “Or into the belly of a Purple Worm?”

        I don’t think you need a spell to solve that ‘mystery’.

      • bat says:

        Well, if someone, for some reason, stashed the bones of a victim inside a Purple Worm to retrieve later (in some sort of magic case to protect them), would you go in there to get them bones?

  6. CrusssDaddy says:

    Seems overpowered for a 1st level spell. Right out of the gate, murder mystery adventures are pointless… even if the victim didn’t know who killed him! At the very least, I think you have to work in some level-based effects that prevent any old 2nd level cleric from solving the Emperor’s assassination.

    • bat says:

      While I addressed this in my reply above, there is also no reason why one cannot adjust the level of the spell, however, I believe that smart killers will always find a way around this spell. Throwing a pile of bones together, human, elf, and animal would also confuse this spell, especially if the same hand was involved in killing all of the victims, or worse, many different killers were involved.

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