[New Spell] Item Mimic

Item Mimic

Valance burst into the room of the shoddy inn.

That ‘scholar’ of yours has to be cheating at cards!” he shouted at Chalk.

The wizard looked up from the scroll he was studying.

Now what?” Chalk asked.

He is down there, on the street, running a card game,” the priest of the Spider God exclaimed, waving his arms about.

Yeah, I asked him to drum up some money to keep us here for a few more days,” the wizard said matter-of-factly.

I lost fifty gold coins to that charlatan and his card tricks,” Valance complained.

Koram and Chalk both laughed at Valance.

Even I know not to play cards against an illusionist,” the fighter said.

Valance sulked on a dusty sofa in despair.

Item Mimic (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Immediate area

Duration: Ten minutes per level of caster

Item Mimic is a simple spell that allows an illusionist to create a “double” of a small (something that could fit into one hand) object simply by tapping the “source” item and the “target” item at the same time. The “duplicate” is an illusion anchored to reality by the physical obect that is used for the spell, sort of like a mask worn over the face to look like someone else. The caster can control these illusory duplicates in their physical appearance and movement only, no sounds, for example, will emanate from the duplicate. Anyone trying to see through these deceptions must make a save versus spells to do so.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Item Mimic

  1. Lord Kilgore says:

    Is this an illusionary “double” or an actual, physical “double” like a minor creation? Or, with a “target” item mentioned, does it turn one thing into another? If so, is it a physical change or simply the appearance of change?

  2. bat says:

    Now I need to fix my post!
    Thank you for the questions, some days it is a bit early to write a clear post. Fixing it now to clarify my intention.

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