[New Spell] Like the Coldest Winter Chill

Like the Coldest Winter Chill

Koram began to sweat profusely. He looked around, gasping for cool air, everyone else seemed fine.

Chalk!” the fighter called out. “Something is wrong with me! I have a fever!”

The wizard looked around suspiciously. His focus shifting between Valance and Knat.

The druidess cracked.

He cheated at dice!” she cried, pointing at Koram.

Nah, he never cheats at dice,” Chalk replied. “That would be Valance, he always cheats at dice.”

The priest of the Spider God tugged nervously at the collar of his robe as Knat dispelled the enchantment on Koram.

Like the Coldest Winter Chill (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Twenty feet (and one individual) per level of druid

Duration: Three turns + 1 turn per level of druid

Like the Coldest Winter Chill is a spell that causes the temperature and atmosphere in the personal space of one individual per level of the druid to become uncomfortable. All rolls during the duration of the spell will be -1, including the saving throw to resist the spell. As those affected are taken out of their comfort zone, they are easily distracted and may panic a little, seeing those around them being perfectly comfortable. The LL/GM should roll a d6, a result of “1” means that those affected will not take any action at all for 1d4 rounds except to try to warm up or cool down, thinking that something is wrong with them. Creatures of animal intelligence or very low human intelligence will flee the area outright and not attack the caster if the druid is in sight.

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