[New Monster] Yidge



Koram shook his head vigorously.

“What now?” Chalk asked.

“I thought I saw some little creature, like a tiny lizardman, skulking by the edge of the fire,” the fighter answered.

“It was probably just that wine, I think it was a bit off,” the wizard commented.

Valance sat up, clutching something small in both hands that squirmed and writhed.

“No, Koram did see something this time. I caught one of the little thieves!” the priest of the Spider God said excitedly.

The others gathered around to see a tiny lizard that looked frightened by all of the sudden attention. A blue spider quietly crept down Valance’s arm towards the wriggling reptile.

“No, just send it home, it looks harmless enough,” Chalk said.

Reluctantly the cleric freed the small creature which promptly scampered off into the nearby trees.


No. Enc.: 3d4 (1d20x10)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 1-3 hit points

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4

Save: F2

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: XX

X.P.: 5

Yidges are small reptilian creatures, smaller even than kobolds, that inhabit dense forests and deep dungeons. These creatures are not very intelligent, but work well in packs as thieves, sneaking up on sleeping adventurers and pilfering small items. A Yidge may even try to sneak passed a sentry (with a success on 1-3 on a d6) to steal a few coins, a loaf of bread or a shiny gem.

A full grown yidge stands around a foot tall and their leathery skins range in color from dusky brown to emerald green. These extremely thin creatures can run on all fours and can also fit into small spaces.

Some wizards have been known to buy yidge eggs or young and teach these creatures to be useful pets and familiars. At other times lizardmen, troglodytes and even kobolds use these creatures as spies and messengers. While yidges cannot speak they can understand a language and are adept and conversing by drawing in sand or dirt.

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3 Responses to [New Monster] Yidge

  1. David says:

    It’s nice to introduce something that doesn’t need to encourage combat.

  2. trey says:

    These would make great minions for baddies–and comic relief.

  3. bat says:

    Thank you both for the comments!
    You have both hit the nail on the head. These are meant to be a nuisance more than anything. Well, unless one of them manages to steal a magic ring or that 10,000 gold piece gem. 🙂

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