[New Magic Item] Dream Bone

Dream Bone

Chalk and the others watched as Vistis the Blue Mage and Stork approached the small town. The two villains were walking nonchalantly up to a watchman who had been paid by the intrepid adventurers to turn the duo away, after a few minutes the Captain of the Guard, who had also had a few of the adventurer’s coins, came to sort out the situation. Strangely, Stork and Vistis didn’t seem too irritated about being turned away, although Koram could swear that Stork stared straight at them while surveying the small town. Vistis the Blue Mage gently tapped the captain on the shoulder with a black bone as the two turned and sauntered back down the path that lead to the town of Quore.

“That was strange,” Koram observed.

“They will be back tomorrow,” the Scholar of Wexos stated dryly.

“What makes you say that?” Valance inquired.

“The masked one was carrying a device that some illusionists carry, it will affect that man’s dreams and he could go insane in time,” the illusionist replied.

“Have you ever used one of those?” Chalk asked.

“We all have our secrets, my friend, and I don’t plumb too far into your past, do I?” the Scholar of Wexos answered with a polite smile.

This strange magical item appears to be an aged and blackened human or humanoid femur and has been casually tossed aside as useless many times over the centuries. In reality, the Dream Bone, in the hands of an illusionist, is a frightening weapon that these magic specialists use to bedevil their foes. Sages believe that this weird magic item was once the leg bone of a demon or devil. And it probably was.

Benefit: If an illusionist taps a creature that must sleep with this strange magic item, the victim is allowed a save vs spell-like devices at -2 or suffers from terrible nightmares all night and wakes up exhausted the next day, feeling as if he or she had been running or otherwise over-exerting themselves. The sufferer will also be -1 on all rolls for 1d6+2 hours until they find restful sleep. If a wizard or illusionist is tapped by this fiendish bone then everyone gets a +1 to all saving throws vs their spells for the 1d6+2 hour period of time that the spellcaster is fighting off the ill effects of the Dream Bone. Anyone tapped for three (or more) consecutive nights by the Dream Bone has a 15% (+5% per additional night cumulative) chance of gaining a permanent insanity.

Usable by: Illusionists. The artifact only affects creatures who sleep.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Dream Bone

  1. Excellent as always. I just armed the leader haggis of a troupe of animated meat products in the depths of an abandoned troglodyte village of solidified spittle-foam huts with a Dream Bone.

    I would buy a nicely illustrated compedium of these magic items in a heartbeat.

  2. bat says:

    Thank you very much for the comment! Please let me know how your game works out, I am infinitely curious how these items play out in the games of others.

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