[New Spell] The Unusual Proportions of Alb

The Unusual Proportions of Alb

Is this wise, what we are about to do?” Valance asked.

Chalk ignored the priest of the Spider God and made sure that everyone had loose fitting robes on.

Ready?” Chalk asked with a grin.

Everyone actually looked concerned. Chalk cast his spell anyway.

Suddenly Koram, the Scholar of Wexos and Valance began to gain weight at an alarming speed. A few moments later the adventurers had doubled their weight, all except for Chalk, who remained rail thin.

What is the purpose of this again?” a portly Valance inquired, rather shocked at his new girth.

Look at the money we will save on food and water over the course of the next week! And swimming, or at least staying afloat, will be a snap!” the wizard replied.

None of the others were very convinced until the third day when they began to regain their shapes a little.

The Unusual Proportions of Alb (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Twenty foot radius

Duration: Two weeks

A spell at first intended to be a curse, the Unusual Proportions of Alb spell is actually a boon to many an adventurer and explorer. When the wizard casts this spell all within a 20′ radius (except the caster of the spell) become bloated and at least double in weight instantly. Buckles groan and buttons burst, yet those affected do not have to eat or drink for one week’s time, they can sustain themselves on this magically induced extra weight. As the week passes those affected will slim down considerably and on the seventh day the effects of the spell total wear off, leaving anyone affected by the spell totally famished and thirsty. Movement is hindered to -10 feet from a person’s normal movement for the first two days of the spell. Climbing ropes is virtually impossible, but swimming is a snap. For the first three days anyone attempting to recognize those affected by the Unusual Proportions of Alb will be -2 on any rolls to do so.

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