[New Monster] Hagrath



“Is it normal for the priest of a spider deity to ask a question of a weird maggot-demon?” mused Koram.

“It is if we get the answer we are looking for,” Valance replied.

The cleric strolled down the dark corridor ahead of the others. Eerie light flickered on the walls of the passage as the adventurers descended into the lair of the alien creature.

A grotesque parody of a human face, leered from the darkness. Valance jumped despite himself and produced a small pouch filled with cured meats and exquisite cheeses. The monster slavered.

“We deal?” the priest of the Spider God asked of the bloated, maggot-like beast as it rocked nervously on six spider-like legs.

“We deal,” the thing nodded stupidly in answer, drooling over the thought of consuming the delicacies.


No. Enc.: 1 (1d6+2)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 6

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d12 (spit acid-60′) or 1d10 (bite)

Save: F6

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: VII

X.P.: 350

The ancient, bloated demonic creatures known as Hargath have inhabited the world for countless eons. Some scholars believe the creatures to be earthbound demons of one type or another while others have pondered whether or not these monstrosities have come from beyond the stars and have absorbed knowledge through unhealthy means. Either way, these creatures are quite intelligent and can be very deadly in combat.

In appearance a hargath looks like a huge, bloated maggot or caterpillar on six spindly, spider-like legs. Two smaller legs serve as arms and a hargath uses these to manipulate small items, scrolls and books. A strange, misshapen quasi-human face regards those who approach the creature for knowledge, those who do not bring something of value to the creature (either in knowledge or food) will be attacked and eaten by the creature, although it will leave those alone who have brought what it considers proper payment. Three times per day a hargath can use the spell-like abilities: Dancing Lights, Phantasmal Force and Misdirection.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Hagrath

  1. Blair says:

    Inspired by Arduin Sluggoths or just a product of your own frenzied imagination?

    • bat says:

      Well, actually inspired by a RuneQuest article in an old White Dwarf. It is creepy and I have used this over the years since 1E was the current version of AD&D.

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