[New Deity] Magnaster



The chief astrologer of Shordun looked worried.

Are the stars almost right?” a minor astrologer inquired.

Yes, but not for what we want,” smirked the Grand Astrologer.

Should we not invoke the Master of the Stars to guide us?” asked another astrologer.

The Grand Astrologer winced and said nothing.

Nay!” shrieked a least astrologer. “Remember the mess we had to clean up the last time the Master of the Stars was here? That party of his nearly destroyed our great library of fortune scrolls!”

Ah yes,” replied one of the astrologers dreamily. “That was a great party.”


Lesser Deity

Magnaster, “Master of the stars”
Alignment: Neutral (with very Chaotic tendencies)
Spheres of Influence: Revolution, Music, Astrology/Astronomy

Symbol: A stylized head that is a demonic combination of boar and bull
Typical Worshipers: Astrologers, Astronomers and any anti-technologists

Hit Points (if you need them): 125

The being known as Magnaster was thought to have fallen to earth from the stars untold decades ago. In the flesh he seems fairly unimposing, being somewhat short and thin for a human, with long dark hair and a thin mustache. Wearing strange clothes and bearing odd instruments, Magnaster is an odd sight and the deity never seems to fit in anywhere, which does cause him to turn to substances like strong drink, the black lotus and specific spores. Astronomers turn to the deity in the observation of heavenly bodies and astrologers admire his ways of divining the future (most of which is easily explained as halting progress, detailed below).

In reality, Magnaster was Captain Lars Wyndoor, the pilot of a spacecraft who found himself attacked by an alien behemoth. Changing courses, Wyndoor aimed his spaceship at the nearest habitable planet. As human and beast struck the atmosphere something happened, melding the two into one insane creature. Ages of life in a magically rich environment has only increased Wyndoor’s powers, turning him into a minor deity in his own right. To this end, the being now known as Magnaster despises progress and will go to any lengths to keep the world in a perpetual state of pre-gunpowder technology.

Abilities: Can use any seven Cleric or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as a 12th level priest or wizard respectively, with an emphasis on spells that reveal something or divine the future and this deity has an extensive knowledge of the stars and other heavenly bodies. Magnaster appears as an unassuming human male in strange garb. In combat the Master of the Stars wields a strange mace (actually an electric baton that he recharges himself magically-his only tie to technology) that delivers 1d12+6 hit points of damage and stuns a victim for 1d4 turns.

Awe: Magnaster stands out with his weird clothing, although he himself looks fairly harmless. This deity is a bit of a ham for attention and has a Charisma of 17 for any rolls using that statistic.

Honor Guard: Magnaster surrounds himself with an honor guard of 12 human females, half of which are 5th level fighters and half of which are priestesses of his cult. Magnaster has been known to carouse with other deities, throwing parties that have left dozens of mortals (accidentally) dead.

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3 Responses to [New Deity] Magnaster

  1. Allandaros says:

    Very reminiscent of Roger Zelazny’s _Lord of Light_!

  2. trey says:

    Nice. I’m a big fan of the science fictional veneer.

  3. bat says:

    Thank you for the comments, guys! This is the sort of post that you come up with after listening to too much Monster Magnet at one time.

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