[New Monster] Fungal Behemoth

Fungal Behemoth


Koram drew his Crystal Sword from its strange sheath.

“Orcs!” the fighter said with a smile. “This will be easy.”

“Hold on a moment,” the Scholar of Wexos said. “Doesn’t this seem a little too easy? A gang of orc thugs guarding the southern gate to the ruins? Idly throwing stones into a pond?”

“Orcs aren’t very bright,” countered Koram. “I don’t expect them to do more than to wait around to be attacked.

“You wouldn’t” interjected the wizard Chalk. “I agree that this looks too easy. Valance, have youa good sized spider to stir the orcs with?”

“Have I!” the priest of the Spider God answered, rubbing his hands together eagerly. Uttering a small incantation he called a spider the size of a wolf from the nearby trees. Whispering to the frightening creature the cleric sent it scuttling towards the vile humanoids.

The adventurers all watched as the orcs got spooked and one of them threw something into the pond. Within minutes something arose from the stagnant pond and all of the orcs ran into the ruins. A grisly juggernaut, part fungus and part upright reptile lunged at the giant spider, then its keen eyes turned on the group of dungeon explorers.

“Run!” Chalk yelled as they all began to scramble.

Fungal Behemoth

No. Enc.: 1 (1)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 150′ (50′)

Armor Class: -2

Hit Dice: 8+4

Attacks: 4 (Stomp, 2 Claws, Bite)

Damage: 1d12/1d8/1d8/1d6+4

Save: F8

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: Nil

X.P.: 2200

Certain special spores, when submerged in enough water (like a wooden barrel, small pond or any other non-moving body of water) will grow into monstrous creatures, such as the fungal behemoth. Within two rounds after being submerged the creature begins to form, looking like a titanic cross between a bipedal lizard and a weird mushroom, complete with sharp vision and a superb sense of smell. This creature possesses animal intelligence, but is immune to spells that affect animals, but not those that have an effect on plant life.

A fungal behemoth will sometimes follow (35% chance) simple orders from its creator, but more often than not just runs amok, causing as much damage as possible. Considered a last resort by some and a Plan A by others, a fungal behemoth is a force to be reckoned with.

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5 Responses to [New Monster] Fungal Behemoth

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Fungally Fantastic. 😀

  2. Joseph Browning says:

    Yeah, that’s a cool critter.

  3. The Fool on the Hill says:

    This creature reminds me of the elemental from Hellboy 2. Very cool.


  4. trey says:

    “it just runs amok.”

    Well, of course it does. Awesome!

  5. bat says:

    Thank you for the comments everyone. Actually, I had this Godzilla hand puppet thing, one that is excellent for scaring cats. And I wondered….sporecery?

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