[New Monster] Glove Imp

Glove Imp


Koram squinted as he entered the dimly lit hovel. He heard a scraping and a squeaking that had to be seen. The fighter’s eyes widened as he saw a half a dozen gloves, all with little legs protruding from them, apparently dancing around a candle that burned brightly.

“Chalk, Valance, everybody! You need to see this!” he shouted over his shoulder.

Suddenly the cavorting stopped and all of the animated gloves stopped and turned with their palms turned towards him.

Then the spells started flying at Koram.

Glove Imp

No. Enc.: 1 (1d20)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 60′ (20′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 1

Attacks: 2 (2 fists)

Damage: 1d4, 1d4

Save: F3

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: None

X.P.: 15

These small creatures are thought to be a miniature form of earthbound daemon, and while not technically an imp, these creatures are quite difficult nonetheless. Standing between 8-12 inches tall glove imps flock to unattended gloves and gauntlets, crawling inside. Once inside glove imps can either send messages to others of their kind or hurl spells, although they cannot cast spells once outside of the human (or larger) sized glove that they are inhabiting. Glove imps use the fingers of the gauntlet or glove to speak across distances (within line of sight) using a type of sign language that they can understand. When facing an opponent or someone that they wish to aid a glove imp must be facing the target and concentrating on the spell. There are three known types of glove imps, one can cast from the druid spell list, another from the illusionist and the third from the magic-user list. These creatures can cast up to three spells per day from their appropriate list, no spell is usually greater than 3rd level. Glove imps love revelry and more than one adventuring group has happened upon a group of these little terrors dancing around a campfire, each with a glove over their bodies, with just their spindly legs sticking out. Without a glove or gauntlet the glove imps only have their fists to defend themselves.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Glove Imp

  1. trey says:

    Awesome. I can definitely see a use for these guys.

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