[New Spell & Monster] Summon Ningyo and Ningyo

Summon Ningyo

The mercenary Bakra-do was, once again, on the run. While not directly related to his association with the wizard Chalk and the fighter Koram, he knew that somehow the situation went sour due to them. Not willfully on their part, mind you, it was just a consequence of knowing them. With all haste the mercenary sought the druid of the Jade Forest.

A sad tale, indeed,” the druid replied after hearing Bakra-do’s lament. “Still, it is not your fault, so I will give you a bit of help. There is a small boat that drifted ashore some months ago. I will summon the ningyo and they will tell me the best course for you to take.”

The ningyo?” inquired the mercenary.

Yes, smallish swimming creatures that are excellent guides along the waterways,” answered the druid. “You may escape along the river if you choose.”

The druid closed his eyes by the riverside and chanted a spell. The water swirled and rolled and a pair of strange things that looked like a cross between monkeys and river carp raised their heads above the water. One of the creatures looked frightened and held out a hand with webbed fingers towards the druid, beckoning him closer. It seemed to whisper something about the mercenary.

Is anything wrong?” Bakar-do asked.

Apparently so. It seems that some time ago, while traveling with some outlanders you ate the flesh of the ningyo. I cannot help you,” the druid replied gravely.

Curse that Valance!” Bakra-do shouted aloud. “I knew there was something too good about that fish that we ate that night!”

Summon Ningyo (Druid)

Level 5

Range: 30′ (requires a body of natural water)

Duration: One hour per level of druid

A druid casting this spell summons 1d6 strange aquatic things called ningyo; somewhat intelligent, golden-scaled creatures that somewhat resemble a cross between a carp and a monkey. Some druids use these creatures for knowledge concerning bodies of water and the best travel routes while seagoing, unscrupulous druids and fishermen who accidentally catch ningyo in their fishing nets have more sinister uses for these creatures for the ningyo’s delicious flesh stops one from aging for five years when eaten.


(1 [1d6 if summoned by spell]) [AL N, MV 180′ (60′), AC 5, HD 3, #AT 2 (claws), DG 1d6, SV F3, ML 8, HC:XIX , X.P. 85]

This small aquatic creatures are excellent guides for those traveling on water. Their golden-scaled bodies shimmer under the water as they frolic and play. Those who eat the flesh of the ningyo do not age for five years, but may only eat the flesh of the creature once every five years for this effect. It is rumored that the ningyo can sense who has eaten the flesh of their comrades and offer false advice to sink whatever river or seagoing vessel the consumer of their flesh embarks upon. If a ningyo is somehow convinced to weep it has a good chance (65%) of transforming into a human (class and level to be determined by LL/GM). Some consider these creatures, which look like a cross between a monkey and a carp to be hideous and refuse to eat their flesh, regardless of the benefits.

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2 Responses to [New Spell & Monster] Summon Ningyo and Ningyo

  1. trey says:

    Cool! For some reason I’m imagining golden-skinned sea monkeys. 😉

  2. bat says:

    Ha! These are creatures from Japanese mythology, altered a bit, like being given voices. However, as golden-skinned sea monkeys it would be awesome to see how, just like real sea monkeys, they develop their own society, build little castles and fight over the crown. 🙂

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