[New Monster] Nodstraga, the Betrayer Dragons

Nodstraga (the Betrayer Dragons)


Koram reeled back, bewildered. His Crystal Sword ad joined a half a dozen other blades in the body of the peasant.

“How much more damage can this guy take?” the fighter asked aloud.

“At this point, chum, we can safely say that this is no ordinary human,” Chalk replied. The wizard looked over at the Scholar of Wexos, the group’s illusionist. He shrugged, puzzled as well.

The shifty looking human snickered and started to scramble off.

“Not with my sword!” Koram roared, chasing after the man as he began pulling lesser blades from his body and casting them aside.

Nysser the elf knocked a strange arrow and pulled back on his bow. The arrow flew straight and the man gasped and fell down writhing in agony. Koram ran up and grabbed his Crystal Sword from the peasant’s body.

“What sort of arrow is that?” Chalk asked the elf.

Nysser paused for a long moment, as if he wasn’t going to answer.

“Dragonslayer. It is a Dragonslayer Arrow,” he finally told a completely confused Chalk.

Nodstraga (the Betrayer Dragons)

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90′ (30′)

240′ (80′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 7

Attacks: 3 or 1

Damage: 1d6/1d6/1d10 (claw/claw/bite) or 3d8 (breathe weapon)

Save: F9

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: XV

X.P.: 2100

Breathe Weapon:

Brass 70′ long, 20′ wide, cone, fire

50′ wide, 40′ long, cloud, fear

Spells: 1st (4), 2nd (2), 3rd (1)

plus shapechanging, see below.

Most dragons rather run between the two extremes of laziness and extreme ferocity, depending on mood and last meal. The nodstraga are a different case. Slim, rust colored in their natural winged dragon appearance, the Betrayer Dragons are sometimes mistaken for red dragons from a distance, but upon closer inspection the faded rust color is nothing like the robust tone of the vicious red dragon and the Betrayer Dragon looks a bit smaller in comparison. But then again, most people never see nodstraga in their true form but in that of a human, demi-human or humanoid. At will the Betrayer Dragons can change their appearance with such natural ease that even a spell or magic item that would normally reveal illusions and true forms is only 35% likely to do so. With this incredible power and a few spells Betrayer Dragons often infiltrate kingdoms and sometimes lead small bands of changelings (q.v.) or doppelgangers in clandestine operations that topple nations (of couse without the knowledge of the other as these two races hate each other immensely), all the while enjoying every moment of the deception. These dragons are so reviled that no other dragon type has ever been known to assist a nodstraga and they don’t even really trust each other. Some dragons have even been known to reveal the location of a Betrayer Dragon and its flunkies to knights, paladins and other noted dragon slayers.

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