[New SPell] Social Laddering

Social Laddering

Koram smeared a little mud on Valance’s face.

Perfect!” crowed the fighter, stepping back to admire his work. “You are a convincing beggar.”

You don’t look like a prince yourself!” growled the cleric.

The heavy thud of horses approached swiftly. The Scholar of Wexos hurried with the disguises as Chalk scuttled for cover, not being a part of the spell.

The horses trotted into the small courtyard, a rider dismounted. Tall, female, confident. She regarded the people in the small area suspiciously, but eventually moved on with her followers.

This peace won’t last long!” Koram pointed out.

Next time can we be dukes or barons?” Valance asked.

Hopefully we won’t need this spell anytime soon!” answered the Scholar of Wexos. “But I suppose we could be nobles of a lesser rank, slumming.”

The priest of the Spider God smiled broadly, already some new deviltry working in his brain.

Social Laddering (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Self and up to four others within 10′

Duration: One turn per level of illusionist.

This simple spell alters the appearance of the illusionist and his or her companions within 10′ in the most minor of ways; while the characters physically look the same, their gear, clothing and general “look” can vary from guttersnipe to minor nobility. Clothing may appear frayed or pristine, poorly made or magically crafted. Well made blades may appear notched and rusty and vice-versa. Anyone trying to purposely see through this deception must make a save versus spells at -1 to view the true nature of those under the effects of this spell.

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2 Responses to [New SPell] Social Laddering

  1. trey says:

    Cool (and useful!) spell.

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