[New Monster] Blazing Sentinels of Klaroak

Blazing Sentinels of Klaroak

The group of adventurers could clearly see something moving ahead in the dungeon, it was, after all, a dozen feet tall and on fire.

“Have a water elemental handy?” Chalk asked the druidess.

“No, I don’t know every spell!” Knat snapped back.

“It’s coming closer!” Valance screeched, pointing down the corridor.

“We can see that!” Koram said as he drew his Crystal Sword. “Nysser, you got anything?”

The elf thief looked at his quiver and drew an arrow from it. Carefully he knocked the arrow and sent it flying at the burning hulk that apparently hadn’t noticed the party yet. The arrow burst into a watery shield just before it would have struck the flaming monster. It roared and glided through the water, zeroing in on dungeon delvers. The creature began advancing swiftly and raised two spiked arms.

“What sort of fire elementals have faces and wear armor?” Koram asked to no one in particular.

With a shrill screeching the Crystal Sword struck one of the arms of the fiery monster, slicing through the armor. The creature was taken aback for a moment as it regarded its damaged armor.

“The City of Brass will make you pay for that!” the thing hissed.

Chalk and Knat began throwing spells as Nysser shot a different arcane arrow at the strange elemental.

Blazing Sentinels of Klaroak

No. Enc.: 1 (1d8)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 120′ (40′)

Armor Class: 2

Hit Dice: 8

Attacks: 2

Damage: 1d10+2 ( two fist spike strikes), or 1d12+2 (breath weapon)

Save: F9

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: X x2

X.P.: 2500

Many centuries ago an efreet scouting party on the elemental Plane of Fire encountered a group of fire elementals that had been somehow tainted, possibly from visitors from the Ethereal Plane and were not only intelligent, but also cruel. The Sultan of the City of Brass, alarmed by this discovery, ordered something done about this situation. The forge-masters of the efreet city created magical armor to bind these rebellious elementals, which has done nothing to improve their moods.

Standing nearly twelve feet high, the Blazing Sentinels of Klaroak (named for the area of the Plane of Fire where they were found) look like pillars of fire with roughly humanoid faces and arms, the upper body and back of head as well as arms encased in strange glyph-covered armor. The Blazing Sentinels are now the scouts and messengers for the efreet, sometimes even being sent to the Material Plane to retrieve something, or someone.

In combat the Sentinels are merciless, hitting with the two spiked ends of the armor on their arms or breathing fire (cone, 40′, 1d12+2 damage). These creatures are intelligent, but hard to reason with.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Blazing Sentinels of Klaroak

  1. trey says:

    Cool creature. I think its appearance really sells it more me.

  2. bat says:

    Sometimes glancing at miniatures is inspirational. I was looking at a Rackham fire elemental for Confrontation. I don’t know what it does in that game, I just liked the piece. As always, Trey, thank you for the comment.

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