[New Spell] The Garbled Eye of Gizar Nist

The Garbled Eye of Gizar Nist

Something had gone horribly wrong and the caper was foiled. Bells rang out an alarm and the scuffling feet of a hastily summoned squad of guards could be heard approcahing.

How was I to know that the Prince had a wizard with a homonoculus?” Chalk asked no one in particular as part of the group ran across the rooftops of the town of Broil.

You are the wizard!” Nysser answered plainly. “Aren’t you supposed to think of such things?”

Where are the illusionist and the priest?” Koram inquired as he pulled himself to the top of a rickety building.

Creating a diversion,” replied Knat the druidess. “My diversions in towns are rather obvious.”

Arrows began striking all around, but none seemed to find a target while screams of terror could be heard coming from the streets nearby as giant spiders lurched at hapless militia.

Hours later, at the rendez-vous point the Scholar of Wexos and Valance debated which of their tactics was most useful in allowing the others to escape.

The Garbled Eye of Gizar Nist (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 100 feet

Duration: One round per level of illusionist

This simple illusionist spell blurs of vision of any ranged weapon attackers, causing the target to be -2 to strike for one round per level of the illusionist. A simple saving throw versus spells at -1 will allow the subject to shrug off the spell. Creatures with 6HD or more (the ones whose damage you really want to avoid) just need to make a standard saving throw to be able to use ranged weapons normally.

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