[New Spell] Mischievous Clowder

Mischievous Clowder

Bakra-do the mercenary was keeping a close eye on Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage. With an even deeper grimace than usual he returned to the camp he shared with the sorceress, Ghervule.

Those two have left on some errand of madness,” he reported to the sorceress.

Excellent. We shall sneak into town and I have a spell that might ruin their day. And their cushions,” she said with a snicker.

The adventuring duo slipped into the large town and Ghervule set about her sorcery. With an incantation she called forth a large number of cats. Bakra-do was astonished at the sheer number of felines as the creatures seemed to be crawling out of the woodwork.

Ghervule knelt down before her assembly of four-footed conspirators and whispered to them. The cats trotted off in the same direction, apparently on some mission.

Let’s go and see what happens,” she suggested and the two followed the cats as they entered a nearby cottage and set about their task.

In no time the cats were reveling in all sorts of sorcery sanctioned destruction and mayhem, howling with glee.

Bakra-do wrinkled his nose in disgust.

You suggested we come and see what these cats are doing to the belongings of the wizards. I can smell what they are doing from here!” the mercenary complained.

Mischievous Clowder (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: 100′ per level of wizard

Duration: 1d4 turns.

Called forth from all sorts of shenanigans and slumber, Mischievous Clowder summons forth all cats within 100′ of the casting wizard. While these cats are not reliable for combat purposes, these felines may be used to wreak all sorts of havoc; shredding and eating papers and furniture, marking cushions and clothing and causing all manner of damage. These summoned cats may also be used to retrieve small objects in places the summoner cannot get to, but only if these objects can be picked up by the cat’s mouth. After the duration of the spell is up these felines return from whence they came.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Mischievous Clowder

  1. A great spell and the kind of magic I’d expect to find in a game world. Its a little circumstantial though and as such it won’t see much us.

  2. bat says:

    This was a request spell, cats being the theme and a sorceress conjuring them. However, I would not just make felines the focus. I might be tempted to make them inky slinkers (q.v.) Someone’s house is invaded and torn apart by those and it might be considered a severe warning.

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