[New Monster] Parchment Birds

Parchment Birds


The wizard Stork threw a few bread crumbs on the old bit of papyrus.

“What are you doing?” Vistis the Blue Mage asked.

“Shhh!” hissed the wizard. “Watch!”

A few moments later a pair of midnight blue birds curiously dropped from the trees to inspect the offering of crumbs.

With a helpless squawk one of the birds seemed to vanish, only to reappear seconds later, as if suddenly drawn onto the papyrus. The second bird suffered the same fate almost immediately after.

“How curious!” exclaimed Vistis.

“Now to send a note to our ‘good friend’ Chalk,” chuckled Stork as he slipped the papyrus gently into an envelope.

Parchment Birds

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 10′ (3′)

Fly: 150′ (50′)

Armor Class: 8

Hit Dice: 1d4 hit points

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 (peck) and see below

Save: F1

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: Nil

X.P.: 25

Parchment birds are small, beautiful birds found in out of the way parts of temperate zones. A strange alchemical corruption ages ago has made these dark blue birds quite weak around any type of parchment or other handmade paper. Upon contact with any handmade paper a Parchment Bird immediately becomes weak and collapses onto the paper. Within one turn the hapless bird has become a mere drawing of itself, sketched out in ink upon paper. After one day the bird may break free of its confinement if the paper is unfolded and the rendering of the fowl is face up (or at least not facing a surface). Clever assassins sometimes gather three or four parchment birds on a page and send it to their would-be victim for upon release the Parchment Birds tend to attack the nearest person, who is usually the person holding the restraining bit of paper. The beak of a Parchment Bird is quite poisonous and a successful attack delivers a nasty poison (Class16, Type: IN Save Adjustment +2 Onset: 1 round, Failed Save Damage 8 Save Damage: 0) [See page 144 of LL:AEC although it should be easy to read, the poison is not save or die and does 8 points of damage after one round on a failed save].

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Parchment Birds

  1. Bigby says:

    And speaking of paper monsters . . .

    When I finally run B1 I’ll be using a monster made from “magic scroll paper” and one of my “Tesla crystals.” It’s a wizard’s AI experiment. The paper-mache creature, powered by and sort of protected by the gem, fights to the death, becoming immune to whichever weapon finally killed it and getting an increase in all combat rolls generally (though no increase in HP) in the future (after it regenerates, of course). To keep this from going on forever, which it technically could, I’m supplying my AI Experiment Monster with a faulty gem so that the creature explodes into paper scraps after the third death. Should be a fun way to mess with my players in a way that doesn’t necessarily result in a TPK.

  2. bat says:

    This sounds very interesting, Bigby, let me know how it goes!

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