[New Monster] Snorbing Grilt

Snorbing Grilt


A strange tittering could be heard through the beeches and oaks, made double eerie by the absence of the usual cracking and snapping of limbs and crushing of dead leaves. Knat and the Scholar of Wexos both looked a bit perplexed and concerned.

Without warning a trio of strange creatures burst through the trees, laughing like fools. They were all covered in long, shaggy fur and had antlers upon their heads like those of a deer. Sharp yellow teeth could be easily seen as they laughed and gibbered.

Without thinking the Scholar of Wexos threw up an illusionist spell consisting of swirling, hypnotic bright lights. The odd monsters stopped immediately and seemed to panic, running about in a random fashion for a few moments before crashing back into the trees, this time making noise as they fled.

“I am afraid we will need to make camp in these woods here tonight,” Knat said.

“At least we know they don’t like bright light,” the illusionist offered. “We just need to be on our guard, they will probably strike again in greater numbers.”

Snorbing Grilt

No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d6)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice: 2+2

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (claw) or 2d4 (gore)

Save: F3

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: XI x2, XVII

X.P.: 90

Odd creatures from deep forests, snorbing grilts appear as hair covered bipedal creatures with feral, dwarf-like faces and a set of antlers upon their heads. Snorbing grilts do not use tools or weapons, but enjoy waylaying adventurers and stealing their treasure to hoard, attacking with their wicked claws and sharp antlers. An inherent ability to Pass without Trace (as per the druid spell) three times per day and Passplant (as per the druid spell) twice per day often gives hunting parties of these creatures an edge over their prey.

Snorbing grilts also have nightvision to 90′ and are easily startled by bright lights (any flashing light will cause a snorbing grilt to flee in panic on a roll of 3-6 on 1d6), crafty adventurers should use this to their advantage.

These creatures themselves are a bit disturbing in the way they gibber and laugh maniacally, running through the trees with idiotic grins revealing sharp teeth.

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4 Responses to [New Monster] Snorbing Grilt

  1. Can they actually end up getting grilt?

  2. trey says:

    I like the sort of Louis Carroll or even Seussian sort of tone of this one. Well played.

    • bat says:

      Thank you as always, Trey. I actually call the process ‘Quickly and desperately seeking a name through a ragged mind”.

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