[New Spell] Rain of Birds

Rain of Birds

Something strange is in the trees,” Chalk said.

What makes you say that?” Koram asked.

Well, I am not an expert on such things, but I doubt that a grouse and an owl would be perched side by side on the branch of a pine tree, watching us,” replied the wizard.

Nysser approached silently, as usual.

Do those birds belong together?” Koram asked the thief as he pointed at the owl and the grouse.

Of course not, it is probably Knat keeping an eye on us through the animals,” Nysser answered.

What am I doing?” the druidess asked as she approached the trio.

Everyone scrambled to grab their weapons.

Rain of Birds (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30′ per level

Duration: See below

By casting this spell a druid calls up to 3d10x2 (although fewer may be summoned) birds of 1HD or less. These avian creatures may be of a similar type or of different species as desired by the caster and note that these birds will work together for the duration of their service to the druid, even if the birds are naturally enemies. The summoned avians may be used for scouting, spying, relating messages (only parroting the message, not being capable of conversation unless the bird was already of an intelligent type). The druid may disperse the birds at any time, but may not summon more birds while still retaining avians from a previous casting of this spell. Anyone with knowledge about animal activity will have a chance (result of 4-6 for non-druids/rangers and 2-6 on a d6 for rangers/druids) to notice that something is wrong in the case of birds together that naturally do not associate.

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